Sunday, November 28, 2010


We were opened up to a unregular topic yesterday.
It was, Which You Prefer Most.
I vote for, Junior. I love being junior. It's just you can get spotted in the light more than kids in higher grade. And when you were junior, everything seem joyful and innocent right? You can run around, laughing till your head off, sitting next to boy and you don't even feel a thing, pull up hands to ask teacher questions. And plus, we'll look more cute right? tehee~ :D

But he actually vote for the other side.
He said, being a senior you can do whatever you want to. And you will be respect more bla bla bla. Okay, maybe it's for you. This wasn't happening to me. My senior year wasn't little or much like that. -,-

My argument: I think, the definition of senior is..bully gang-popular-thing. But I don' get any of that. I mean, i don't do any of that.
His refutation: Haha.. No. There never be a definition like that. Who did the bully.
My turn: Fine. Brush-off the bully-point. I mean, i want me as a senior to feel like kids respecting me. Popular, you know. Like, some others younger girls admiring me, wishing themselves to be me, -thing. I really want to. >,<
His persuasion: Haha.. nonsense. You know, i kinda respect this one senior of mine. His style and things. But i never told him. The thing is, people would never tell people that he fond them. It just look silly, they come to you and said, I admiring you.
Point taken!
but was I be like the one he pictured to anybody? 


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