Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

weekends :D

it was a fun weekends. :D i spent days with hel more than our entire roommate's life. went to bundle for dinner's dress hunting, going back to KL, staying at hel's house, shoot video for dinner's gimic, playing dare at kubur cina in the middle of night, acting like kids at playground 3 in the morning, dress hunting(again) at bangsar's all boutique. we even named our genitalia! HAHA.. ruby lah, micheal, timah(ME :D), jenab, seman, awang lah bagai. ahaa such a new experience. :D

bags, girls.


ruby and micheal

wayy back! :D

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

happy birthday papa! :D

haa how many person in my favorite-people list share the same zodiak(star, in english kan?)? :D oh wait, its not the appropriate sign. not haa. im not sighing(sumpah). im actually honestly glad(sumpah sumpah)! at least this is the only similarity between the man i love the most and the man love me the most (i dont know which title for which person, i just thought the words might sound cool.hee).
Today is papa's birthday, my god! i dont exactly know how many years this brilliant man had pass, with success. im afraid to know, actually. =,=' i dont want him to grow any older. i want to have him for the rest, my life, ibu's life, adik's life, my kids' life, and our entire family's life. i love him, but never really told him. he's not the romeo type, thou. he's the man you look for protection and inspiration and putting-work-on-the-very-last-minute habit. >.<

i love you papa, honestly. just here and that kita tak serasi kadang kadang. but its okay. that make us closer, i think. we can argue sometime, and the best part is you give me win. hehe.. but i love when you saw me growing older and more matured and could rely on me in business. i love when you believe in me handle the work at your office. i love when you asked me to replace you to do your daily report when you going abroad. i love you when you did your joke, althou sometime it sound loya buruk and so-me. i love when you care about my education. i love when you gave me your cheeks for me to kiss. i love you as much as i argued with you! :)) HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA! :D

Monday, March 21, 2011

"congrates aen!" from aunty ain ecehh :*

OMG this is the best news of the month, or maybe year! my longtime bestfriend, aenynna gave birth last two days! (aunty post this two days late, alana qisha.but its okay.aunty set your birthday on calendar.;) Ehee.. i was sooo happy for her, soooo soooooo happy. im too excited to say a thing. (oh okay this might be too over the top.-__-but its unfalse.i really am too excited) you can't never imagine how the one that talk about dumping boys, playing im-the-queen-that-man-want, singing 'im the only gay eskimo', and lip sync & dancing 'hot and cool' had already become a mama! gosh, this is such an migrate.

just a year ago! :'( we were so much interest in modeling. this 1 is after school-shoot.
Later, just a year fast forward >.<
a grown up married WOMAN

And now, a MOMMA! >.<  >.<

how i wish i could have the bless of being a mama like her. hahh.. this is a statement. :O no noo. i mean, im too grateful until in a split second i would pray i can built a family like her. i mean, everyone wished! >.<
can't wait to come home and visit the baby and the gorgeous mama! btw im not sitting here 5hours drive away doing nothing. im sort of planing a baby shower for these two beautiful creatures. :))
thanks for giving me an anak angkat. you're beautiful, no kidding. :*

Sunday, March 20, 2011

dinner partnering with ratu kebaya

late for dinner. have to rush. mandi pun tak sampai berapa minit. then barang tak habis pinjam. hujan lebat. baju basah sebelah. payung share. jalan kepit kepit. rambut kena jaga. hahh finally we were there. :D so good to be out of QS. :D

failed about picture arrangement. sokay, its no life in these. just candid ala ala pose model. *perasan* -___- padahal "mimie, gambar candid candid." 
btw i have no idea why lately my posts getting shorter and rarer. ahh too busy handling congressman's schedule, may be. -______________________- 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

happy birthday sayang!

waa~ happy birthday my love! bee, awak dah tua kan? hehe.. okay takpe. sabar lagi. tak lama lagi dah boleh kahwin. >.< haha talk bout age, you said you were touched in this celebration. i do understand yang awak takut tanggungjawab and things. but growing older? haha.. bwekk. tthe fact, awak dah tua sekali. i'm still young 18. :p
i'm having so much fun with you today, sayang. thanks. and sorry sebab kacau awak tidur. ehee.. i love you i love you i love youuu! *am flashing back bout us. sorry i didnt make it special this year. i always wanted everything to be special and touched, especially when it comes to you. nasib awak sedapkan hati orang. saying, this is already make you happy. hee~ i love you. i can't think all anything right now, because i'm deeply in love with this birthday boy. <3

wish #1: be a good boy
wish #2: stay cute and manja. hee~
wish #3: you can buy your dream guitar
wish #4: you can learn to save money, so that we can shorten our waiting period.
wish #5: your family will accept us eh eh, it's about you. lupa pulak. -,- you study smarter not harder, cause i miss you when you were too busy doing assignment. (oh hate you, ASSignment)
wish #6: everything will be okay
wish #7: you will be blessed
wish #8: us will be blessed
wish #9: stay loyal to our love, not to forget every single things you said back when we were at high school, about the Allah thing, niat kita and semua. always be my spy, i love it when you used to be that. hee~ and do love me like it's our first day, every time you open your eyes. tell me i'm beautiful even if i'm not, because it's all my purpose of wanting to be beautiful--for you.
wish #10: i can be more creative, so that i can wish better wishes for this perfect human-being. :)

i don't know what to wish because everything bout you is already perfect. stay like this, okay? :))

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

what's the perfect gift idea for boyfriend? i planned to gift him something sweet. but he said, he would love something he can wear. :/

what's the perfect gift idea for boyfriend? i planned to gift him something sweet. but he said, he would love something he can wear. :/

Answer here

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

is it on the way to crest down?

i'm handling for dinner's performance. so here's the wayfaring to the unsuccsesed plan, my friend told me she can get Wakaka or Monologue to perform for us at the of course, i was soo excited to tell the whole world. i spread the news worldwidely and even worked out on the details and approval. it was like, omg.wakaka will be performing at our's wakaka! :O everyone get excited and began(shall i say begin?) to talk about this. even some of the lecturers elated with this news. but however, my friend that managed this text me, telling wakaka is canceled. oh my god. i can't think on the bright side, althou i tried to coax her, i was pretending. i can't think of good reason and explanation to tell them, to tell the crowds(mind you, it's CROWDSS). can't think of how to face the people. it's a complete humiliation and failure. :'(
can't even think of correct sentence alignment or good vocab.fakk:(  

Friday, March 4, 2011

i knew more ppl tonight, than i did these whole week

it is real fun knowing ppl. entah siapa je, just talk randomly and instantly clique(well, not so clique.okay, maybe i should use 'click'). haha. im proud im proud. from pengkid to pondan. haha such a day. and yea, i think i should be myself to everyone just like what i did in my portfolio. or i should try to fit others too. hm, i should practice more other's dialect. :D

oh yea, btw i just get the lightning photoshoot's softcopies. here's some that have already filter by me myself. hee~ gambar gila buruk. don't know who should i blame. the lightning maybe, or the coordinator that didn't even tell me what this shoot's concept and i ended up wearing inappropriate dress. :/

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Portfolio *proud proud. althou i dont really sure what portfolio is.


Throughout my 18years of journey, I haven’t thought much about my vision. I even Google translate what’s vision means, and have to ask my roommate what vision is all about.
          After stealing some times to flash back all the moment in my life, I decided to guide myself with some vision.
          I have been the undisciplined student in high school, for I hate rules as much as I hate vegetables in my lunch. Ibu always said, “Ain, hidup ni memanglah kena ada peraturan. Islam pun ada peraturan. Cuba kalau takde peraturan, habis lah semua. Ain kenalah ikut peraturan.” And I always made my stone-face whenever she said that. But however, what mum’s say is always true. I have to learn how to respect discipline! Only with that, I’ll be success, God-willing. I have to try to obey the Lord’s order, ibu and papa’s counsel, and lecturers’ errands, in return to be a successful person.
          People always tell me, being success is our goal. After encounter University’s life, I slowly agreed with them. I see passionate peoples surround me, with their own goal and target. I don’t want to leave behind. I want to be one of the successes Malaysian, like papa. I see few of my acquaintances that have to work extra hard to foot the increasing bills. They rarely live happily, although some saying claimed, money cannot guarantee a happy live. Okay, it is true, but not hundred percent true. How can you live happily with have to work extra hours, from am to pm. Will you able to spend your time playing with our children, one day soon God-willing, if debts and never-enough bank accounts are all what you care much. Oh so much to care, if you ask me. That is why I want to be success. I have to study hard!
          Years of residence in Chinese’s surrounded circumstance make me realize the real reason why Malays still sit in their comfortable position ever since Japans hand absolute power to us. I don’t want to be in that position, determinedly. I want to step the stairs to be the highest. I want to take the good quality in Chinese, where I see there are potential to compete with them. I am never-racist girl, I be friend with all races. It has to be our identities that scar our path. I don’t mean to imprecate Malays, sorry if I did. But I’m sick of seeing Malays that always talk about someone else’s flaw, I’m sick of have to feel shame on everything we do, to think of what people will say if we did the thing although we know that that thing is legal. That is what En Hafiz always said to us, “Buat apa nak malu? Ni, nak mengaku tak faham pun malu.” Yeah, I agreed with him although I’m one of his students that ashamed to admit I don’t understand. (I should change this attitude. I can’t be shame only to eat alone at the food court, I can’t feel humiliate only because I wear bundle cloth while the other wear Guess.)
          Njang, my uncle make me realize something. When I worked with him, he teaches me a lot about Malays’ common bearing. We observed all the races. I was amazed with some Orang Asli’s glory, they are capable to drive Hilux today. And who’s park beside their Hilux? Proton Saga owned by Malay. Oh it’s pathetic, if you ask me. Njang said, “Dah macam mana melayu? Orang kita duk sibuk mintak tanah dekat kerajaan, tunggu duduk diam sepuluh tahun. Orang Asli, Cina, dah guna masa sepuluh tahun tu tanam pokok, dah dapat hasil.” Yes, it is true indeed. I have to work hard on whatever job I did. Just like, when I had to sacrifice my holiday, working at that petrol station although the salary is few digits. I have to apply Chinese’s and Orang Asli’s determination in this concept.
          Lastly, I want to make Ibu and Papa happy. To me being here, is all about them. I never feel this much welcome before I had been accepted to study here. I saw hopes in Ibu’s and Papa’s eyes. Especially papa. He is the most hard person, I know in my life. But when I have been approved to study here, he give me all his attention. Making sure I’m all fine. Ibu calls me everyday and even buy me a new number, exclusively to call her. Thanks good God, for giving me this wonderful and supportive family. Alhamdulillah. I don’t want to invite tears and disenchantment in them, again. 


Ibu. Oh sure she will ask me, “Ya Allah, muka ibu macam ni ke Ain? Tuanya. Teruk betul kan?” Haha. I love you, ibu. You are not old at all, in my eyes. Although I always tell you, you are getting older and close to being the type of mum that don’t trust her daughter. I just poke fun at you, ibu. You are the best mum in the whole universe. And even the most inspired woman. Thanks for being my best friend, instead of a lovely mum. Believe me when I said sorry for not calling you within two days, I miss you as much as you do. Can’t wait to come home and tell you all about my days here, my classmates, my lecturers. I’m worry whether you are doing okay with your friends and businesses. Are they treated to nicely? Or some of them still take advantage on your quixotic? Ibu, I’m here doing the best I can. I don’t want to feel the clamorous when checking my pointer like last time. I want to confidently tell you, I’m doing okay in my examination.

Papa. He will only reply, “Herm,” when I ask him how do I look. Ehee.. Old papa. You are always act so cool to everything until Mektam babbling to me how uncared a boss like you supervised your employee. You are so cool about everything, they said. But not to me and adik. You are super-care, actually. Just the ego inside you, might be, hold the feeling back. You care about how’s my education goes, right? The prove, you have all my data from birth certification, upsr result, to my health result in your car bonnet. Although I never tell you before, you are one of the most inspired people to me. I want to be like you, hardly. I want to be success like you. Since I was a little girl, everyone told me, your dad is a successful man. He walked his way up to success without other’s help. I want to be like you, papa. I don’t want ptptn. I want to follow the road you walked. I want the learn it hard way. I knew you worried if my financial stable here. So you plan everything to me. Force me take ptptn, and promised me to settle all the payment immediately after graduation for me. Oh papa, thanks. Yea I know, I always disobey your order. But have you see this one particular time, I sacrifice my dream to be a writer because you told me I deserve better? Willing to be here, is my present to you. I believe in your plan, because you are the master in planning successful future. And I will study hard because I like would love to see your smile again like when I announce my pointer last time.

12122010457.JPGHafiz. He’s not only the Romeo in the name of love. He’s also the Ustaz that teaches me a lot about religion, the guardian that making sure my every moves is secure, the Superman that save me when enemies are threatened me, and the motivator when I’m feeling down. He teaches me all the things i failed to learn before this. He teaches me how to make Obu and Papa happy, how to appreciate things, how to let something go away peacefully, and pleased with whatever my achievements. He also gives me reason to study hard, to live each day happily and to smile within every tears.
Neqi, Aliff and Yamin. Without them, I don’t know who else to play cat-and-dog with, I don’t know who else will yell at me telling me to disappear. And who else will call me, ‘kak ain!!’. I love them so much, although I always tell them I hate them hanging in my bedroom. I know, I never be a sister to them. I always tell the wrong things to them, teach them to be cool instead of to be clever, and plan all sort of jest to ibu and papa with them. But honestly, I feel the bond there whenever we fight and teasing each other. I always try to be a friend to you guys. But somehow, ibu says, I have to be you guy’s role model. I have to show you guy’s my little naughty brothers, a good quality. I will come back home and show you guy’s my pointer(if only you know, what pointer is), and apart from that, I will always bring home cool stories about teens life here. In case you are worrying is study life here is as boring and stressful as the environment in our Chinese school