Wednesday, July 20, 2011

black out (againnnnnn)

useless. untuk keberapakalinya. +-+   =________=   +_=

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

kak aiza and pok's engagement party

it was like three weeks ago. tapi baru sekarang ada masa nak upload.

professional photographer: Roh Studio
semi-professional photographer: Izham Sulaiman
un-professional (yet) photographer: Nazrul Hisyam
never-profesional photographer: Norakma Nazeri and sekuntunya
make-up: Saidatulnisa

p/s: my manja.she called me, ayu.haha the laughter of the family

taknak panjang pulak entry aku kali ni kan. sorry. tak pandai nak guna photoscape ke apa tu. :(

sunat ada empat cara! D:

gay habis title aku. =..- dah macam blog Hamzah Ian pulak. haha.. okay, mari sini akak nak ajar cara bersunat. :D eheee acah je. tak begitu advance lagi untuk tulis pasal kerjaya pisau-dalam-seluar ni. +_+  okay panjang pulak mukadimah kau. mari teruskan ke segmen utama. ;D

Sunat #1
Sunat= kuih raya
akak suka sunat? :)
sukaa. ibu akak selalu buat sunat :D
sedap ke? akak selalu makan? alang alang sahur jap lagi, pekena aa sunat sebijik dua

Sunat #2
Sunat= mengantok
kenapa awal sangat sunat?
taktau. macam dah tak kuat. :( adik tak sunat lagi?
belum sunat lagi laa. awal lagi
okayy. nanti adik dah sunat, bagitau akak tau. sorry akak sunat awal
akak ni teruklah sunat awal awal. okay kalau akak dah sunat, akak tidur dulu k?

Sunat #3
Sunat= lapar
akak, sunat lahhh.
alaa adik sunat ke? meyh akak tolong(masak). akak tak sunat
kak kak,
ye dik?
kesian tengok orang dekat palestin tu
kenapa? :O
semua tengah bersunat. yang tua, yang muda. perempuan pun
umm nasib baik kita kat malaysia ni, tak sunat mana

Sunat #4
Sunat= tolong
awak, sunat saya boleh?
sunat apa, awak?
alaaa sunat sikit je
okay okay. boleh, tapi awak bagitau dulu awak nak saya sunat apa?
alaa malu la nak mintak awak sunat saya
awak, dengan saya pun nak malu? macam la sebelum ni saya tak pernah mintak awak sunat

hel saya

Sunday, July 17, 2011

30 Days Challenge, can i called off?

im surrender doing this. i just dont hv that much contention to answer all the things they asked. sorry. :( 
i know, im boring. sorry. 

hangat-hangat taik ayam,
this is so me :(

Saturday, July 16, 2011

DAY 05 all-time superhero

Day 06- Favorite super hero and why

sure every kids have one, or a group. in case bro's case. mine? 

POPEYE :D but i didnt really get to watch this. sebab keep forgetting nak bukak TV2. tapi kalau sekali dapat peluang nak tengok, suka habis duduk depan tv. =.= my another past time super hero-in are, SAILORMOON. aww they were soo hot when i was younger, and now. :D 
but now that i am a grown up girl, i have my own superhero. who?

he's my all-time superhero! for he had save me from a tasteless life. and cheers my day. a tough and romantic superhero. :D i love you, superhero! :D am i too brave to say this to a superhero? =.= 

saved your numb as, SUPERHERO.
because thats who you are, to me. :))

DAY 05 not really a traveler

Day 05- A picture of somewhere you’ve been to

just realize this thing, i havent really go out of malaysia. hmm thinking bout spending my ptptn to somewhere worth and economic. 

 even picture from google

mid sem break :D

start planning! :D dont want to waste a single day. hence, the first day after im reaching my home, we went to kuantan. just to buy neqi's bicycle. i dont understand why i agree to temankan dia. maybe because kesiankan ibu. or hoping ibu would drop me off to mall sementara neqi survey. somewhere in between. =.=
way back to temerloh is a new experience. kitaorang punya confident, tak beli ticket bullet train (ETS). sampai sampai, 'ticket ETS untuk hari ni sold out' sambil buat muka suku ikhlas dan tunjuk ke arah papan tanda yang ditulis besar bagak. but glad, we took normal train( (with bed! :D) and have to wait hours macam orang dungu dekat tempat lokasi pengambaran Power Rangers. *powered by my kid's by hel. =.= the train was a new experience. but the toilet was a nightmare. i went back to hometown with Hafiz. he sweetly picked me up at kl sentral. here come a new experience. the time is 12.00am (or pm.idk.i never learn this.okay what i want to say is,masa tu malam or am,taktau), with only rm10 plus minus kitaorang melilau shah alam cari atm. paling best, semua offline. urghh.. last last pinjam his friend's duit. sampai rumah pukul3 something and went to bed straight away after Hafiz cerita bedtime stories. quite a day. but it doesnt matter now that im home. :DD

fun ride with lovable people :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

DAY 04 (oh.changed title) AKTIVITI KETATKAN RAHANG wtf

i think i should change my entry's tittle. it didnt sound really like a tittle. more to numbering, sebenarnya. macam countdown pulah. ppl will like, 'ha k minah ni nak tulis entry dia sampai berapa ratus lagi ni.bohsann~ =.=' before they even start to read my first word. 
hm should i change it to the Q/challenge/task (whatever the proper name is), of the #30dayschallenge? it might sound better than number. at least, you can read words, not plain digit that we knew since kindergarten. and um sorry blog, i didnt really going well with the challenge. i didnt hv time to update blog constantly. and delayed the task few day. oh shit, the task on day 04 is,  A habit that you wish you didn’t have

mumbling 'a' ketatkan rahang dan buat bunyi 'a' panjang panjang. (okay susah nak bayangkan, saya tau) bila tengah syok buat kerja especially when writing. it came out without realizing. :(

Monday, July 4, 2011

DAY 03

Day 03- A picture of you and your friends

Does it have to be 'a'. i have plural friends from diff places. its gonna be a tough one. they were all my laugh gas. okay, maybe we can change the question a lil bit. (haa kalau hang dok cakap tak boleh ka apa, biaq pi hang blog aku=.=) :D

i have some more.but since the reception here to too good..
btw havent i been obvious?
my bestfriends r those who recently pops in my blog. :)

DAY 02

hi. :D (macam tak bersalah kan?mana your so-call #30dayschallenge huh? =.=) eherm actually, i just want to reinforced my previous list, #06. (okay, covering yourself,i can see that) im just back from my uncle and kak aiza's lovely engagement party where you can meet jodoh. =.= um i wish to include the pictures. just too bad, my phones are helpless. have to borrow my roommate's samsung. all my contacts gone. and i hv no idea macam mana nak off prediction. but somehow, i find it cool and easier to  use prediction. :D and yeaaa, i spend the best weekends with my love. we got to spend a lot times together. and even went to my family's kenduri bersama. :D lagi satu, ibu bought me marc jacobs bags from her visit at bandung, and some stuffs. :D okay sound like a summary. nobody care, btw. =.=

Okay. my 30 Days Challenge! :D

Day 02- The meaning behind your Blog name

um to be liveless and honest, i have no idea of what a good and cool blog name is. so i just simply picked the one that sound 'me'. after changing names for a couple of times, i finally come out with 'a dreamer, i shall call.'  It is the one that most mirror me. i love to dream. everybody does, comm'on. we dreamt about our ideal of romantic date, about being beautiful, about marrying the goddamn sinfully hot hunky, about being chased by the sexiest boy in school, about having the life of paris hilton, yadda yadda yadda. the list goes on forever. but as for me, i love to interprete my dream into words.  

owning the sexiest boy in school :)))
i love you, chicken little.