Friday, February 25, 2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011

summarized past event OP(orang.penting)

i havent been scribbling(typing) on this diary for quite a long period kan? (if you count minutes). hm it's because of my packed schedule. appointment here and there. haihh *sigh* ceh macam lah OP sangat. :p
okay summarize of last week's event. i have been invited to do a fashion show on my block's pyjamas party (just my block's je kot.takpayah nak berlagak sangat lah), and sekarang ni saya dah start on my business. i start on burger selling. tiap tiap malam round beberapa blocks, melaungkan theme song penjual penjual haram asrama. "assalammualaikum~ nak burger~~?" wtf =,= takpe, janji duit masyuk. ehee.. komisyen tak banyak mana pun, tapi okay lah kan. lepas makan sudah. takpayah nak sentuh duit bank, boleh saving sikit untuk musim shopping nanti. hah ain, bagus dah ada perancangan. *proud proud*
and kalau tak silap minggu ni, memang tiap tiap hari saya keluar malam. group assignment, meeting dinner, burger burger, and semalam i get invited to do a photoshoot. uh damn, memang malu jugak la. my first time being in real flash. real studio, high standard camera, soft board, lighting and things. huhh berdebar gila. dah la never been there before. but alhamdulillah, it was okay. (okay, not excelent) so esok ada lagi shoot. hope things will be okay. :)

episode that i refuse to let out loud: *tapi tulis jugak. -____-
1) wall fight with one of my classmate
2) class photoshoot. (eh jap, yang ni nak cakap!:D jap, nak upload gambar.hee~)
3) getting closer with other classmates. (alhamdulillah)
4) getting busier with upcoming events yang belum comfirm. (eh apa maksud ayat ni entah) such as, qaiszen's article on tenpin bowling games yang akak editor tu tak call pun nak bagitau pasal job, marching band for opening of co yang haven't decide nak join ke tak or benda ni wajib ke, going to skate rock camp fest with hafiz yang hafiz sendiri pun belum comfirm dia nak pergi ke tak and saya sendiri pun belum tau yang saya free tak esok (eh jap, esok is it?habis sempat pulak saya nak beli ticket or even decide.grr)

these are some pictures that i steal from my friend's facebook. i am soo lazyy to even pluck in my usb cable. hee~

Friday, February 18, 2011

you ain't no right althou i'm the one that is sinful

why did ppl care too much about seeing/judging other imperfection? is it human nature course me myself also done the same thing(oh i really dont hv the right here.but its okay,im dying to snitch this issue,for myself)? oh i soo want an scientific explanation here.
i dont know why ppl here(the lecturers, most specific) judge their student that these way.
"kenapa tak pakai tudung pergi class? jumpa saya pukul1 karang." 'mentor''s not like i done something big sampai semua lecturer hunting for me, as if i steal campus stuff.
"cikteh, seorang mentee cikteh didapati tidak memakai tudung pada class QSD187. nak saya tolong nasihat?"
"is the rule that state qs student must wear tudung ni dah lama? no, i just ask. sebab saya taktau. saya pun bukannya pandai sangat pasal agama." law lecture
"sorry. dont feel offended. i just ask." :) law lecture
yes, i is wrong and sinful not wearing tudung in the first place. but ya allah, its not like i refuse to wear forever. i did want to wear it. i always pray for god to open my heart, indeed. but i dont know, maybe its me yang bebal sangat or  keras hati not to wear. i always respect ppl that wear. it takes a tough heart, it takes a tough heart. im weak. but somehow, i still praying to be better muslim.
i dont want to wear tudung because ppl asked me to. its a bit shame kalau kita pakai tudung secara terpaksa, for me. i want to wear it because of Allah, my only god. not because of the lecturers that paksa paksa or because of hafiz yang selalu puji kalau pakai. look from my side, they asked me to wear. and i wear. tapi niat tu dah lari. pakai pun sebab terpaksa. belajar dalam keadaan tak selesa, tak confident. oh i so not have the right to say all these. i dont know much about religion, despite the suruhan allah yang i didnt succeed. hm, but i wish they dont take it so hard on me.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

jogging-rahmath-kellie-bundle-uu chepor-kuala kangsar-ipoh

we seize the our weekend on much excitment. went to various diff places without plan is as great as excidently found thousand dollar while pee-ing on crispy dirty 20cent public toilet.

7.00am, jog
12.30pm kellie castle

2.30pm bundle

4.15pm ulu chepor waterfall, didnt plan this. we were so hot and then terus plan nak mandi waterfall. that's why we went top bundle to grad few pieces. and found lots of yang gila cool and not to mention it's brand tag!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

fact and opinion (bel260)

Fact is for example, I was born in 1992. 
Opinion is, If my parents meet earlier, I can born faster. 
HAHA.. okay, this is a bit hallmark,  iqbal. i should suggest the lecturer to use this kind of example, so we can absorb it more efficiently. :/
Okay, how about
Fact: There are so many people like me.
Opinion: People like me because i am a mat rempit suka bawak helmet masuk pusat karaoke wearing a haiwai RM5 boxer.\

Fact: You are as hot as Kim K.
Opinion: You have a good plastic surgery. 

*critical thought here :/

Monday, February 7, 2011

o,O -,- :o D: -___- :/

huh damn it. tak boleh lagi bosan ni. dah berjam jam online and still, i haven't to go my objective(wait, did i have objective?) being here. nah, everything seem entah apa apa. these problem, there boring, here fucking. *just realize i'm alone in this enclose roommate dah keluar entah mana. and it make me officially more and more and mooore lonely and boring. how pathetic. hahhhh! *jerit kuat kuat :O

okay fine. idk what to talk about. i mean, i dont have to talk anything, because it's my blog and it's less important than my assignment which i havent started and the deadline is day after tomorrow(oh groupmates, please dont regret me being in your group). but since i dont a shit thing(shit thing,i mean.assignment is not shit thing.karang ada pulak cakap.'haa siapkan lah assignment') to be done, i just decide i can type on this screen something that i havent think much of. oh apa saya cakap ni. takpe lah, teruskan ain. you can do it!

hahh okay. so, i want to talk about(this is the introduction of every speaking test or presentation,typical) things that is just-WHY. *er i dont think critically on the faham faham lah awak yekk
1) why do some people get four digits friends on his/her(normally her) facebook while the fact that, hey tunjuklah gambar kau.hide semua tu pulak.
2) younger generation have lots of brilliant ideas and opinion and know how to be role-model more than their sister.
3) people know a book of 'ayat-mencarut in a cool way'.
4) line maxis is real pig-wash in my room
5) celcom seems to forget his promise and raise my bills continually
6) some older generation are dying to be cool and popular and sent they-think hilarious status update/entry.
7) they said use, 'muat naik foto'. foto tu nak naik ke mana. dah tu boleh pulak muat muat. we need to invent new vocab here.
8) they think by using cool things like branded clothes, cool picture, cool quotes they will look
8) i just deleted my previous point because it's just too hard a question to be answered since you are the one in that situation. it's just everyone talk about everyone but the truth is, they are mirrored themselves there. *hey talking about me.
9) we think that kelantan is too perkauman and don't really prefer to be friend with them because they berfikiran kampung and bajet alim.

header please

could someone please help me design my header?
im dying(lah sangat) to edit my pics, and still looks buruk gila.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

missed train

time: 1236
location: McDonald KL Central
reason: missed train
solution: wait for next train, 1735
expression: :/

back tomorrow

uncertain. guess just homesick, biasalah kan.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

homemade choc :D

my first time baking(and cooking,if it's on the list), actually! i was trilled to try baking something for someone i love before this, (or to myself or to others.but for the someone i love tu reason paling menaikkan semangat). tapi always find it difficult sebab takpernah cuba. but this time, i made it! wahaa~ gila suka! :D

This is, special for you Bee. :D

do it myself, okay? *proud proud

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

neartly accident

dah. habis cerita! i said, nearly. which mean, now im still have the opportunity to hear ibu yelling to open the door because Darlie the cat wants to meet her babies, smell the air.


HAHA.. okay, that was me copying Encik Hafiz's style. don't hate me. :*

it was one fine evening and all our big family members are gathering, tok suruh saya pergi ambik tong gas dekat kedai sebab gas dirumah tok sudah kehabisan. memandangkan saya sudah berupaya(not that sebelum ni saya patah kaki) memandu kereta, saya pun dengan bangga dan penuh rasa dihargai pergi ke kedai ditemani oleh Kak Ina, anak 6bulan(kot) nya, Adam Danial dan baby yang masih dalam perutnya, nama-tidak-diketahui-Lagi. forward.
tong gas tu kan berat, so saya pun ambik lah initiative terbaik, untuk memarking kereta di jarak yang paling hampir dengan rumah. and where is it happen to be? dekat curam bukit. sebab ada banyak kereta lagi (dua je, sebenarnya) menghalang jalan di hadapan. so its okay lah kan. parking kejap je. nak turunkan tong gas je. 
dengan pengalaman memandu selama sepuluh bulan, saya pun bercakap pada diri sendiri, "okay dah ni parking. kalau tengah bukit, mesti kena letak 'drive' sebab kalau letak 'parking' dia reverse belakang pulak. um umm, bagus ain."
kemudian saya pun bukak pintu turun. kak ina pun bukak pintu, tapi dia masih di dalam perut kereta. dah turun, saya matikan enjin.
AND UNTUK KEKEJUTAN SAYA, kereta itu mengundur ke belakang. turun bukit itu.
DAN UNTUK LEBIH MENGEJUTKAN, pintu kereta kedua duanya belum ditutup dan saya berada di belakangdepan belakang pintu tersebut. saya pun apa lagi, LARI LAH SEKUAT HATIIIII.
damn it. kereta tak mahu berhenti pulak. bagaimana ni? saya tak mampu berbuat apa apa lagi. saya teruskan jugak perlarian saya yang secara naturalnya laju. sedang berlari saya toleh ke kanan, kak ina dah pucat muka duduk dalam kereta. pegang Adam yang baru pagi tadi jatuh tangga (ni lah orang kata, sudah ditimpa tangga, kena bawak terbang dalam kereta pulak) kuat kuat. tidak tahu apa alasannya, Adam tersenyum gembira. mungkin disangkanya, mereka sedang bermain kapal terbang atau ice skating(kalau dia tau).
selepas itu dengan tangkas, kak ina menjadi heroin. dia melompat membaringkan diri ke sit driver dan menekan pedal yang disangkanya brek, tetapi sebenarnya pedal minyak. tapi mungkin betul kata Hafiz(hafiz saya, bukan En Hafiz), baby malaikat lindung. phew.. alhamdulillah, kereta berhenti dan kami di tanah rata. saya bersyukur sangat, ya allah. (tapi ini hairan pulak,sebab Adam yang tadi senyum sampai nampak rahang tiba tiba menangis meraung.)

btw salute kak ina. she's damn berani and sucha heroin. dah jadi macam tu, dia tak marah pun. and dia still boleh tenangkan Adam. and and also tok, tok boleh relax je, tak marah marah aku. *nasib baik.

when Aunty Ruby comes,

9.34pm: Ish pergilah ma. Sedap sangat

Ma tak terbuka hati lagi nak pergi, kak Ruby. Roland tak dapat

Ain buat apa dengan laptop ni. Kenapa takboleh online?

12.53pm: Yeke. Okaylah, nanti kak Ruby suruh Roland datang.
.....and i!