Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Channel a bit of this blog to Tumblr

Hi obsolete blog! Sorry I have abandoned you. I'm not gonna create excuses. Yes, you can blame me for not even popping here to say hi for these 3 weeks! Truth is, I don't know if I can ever write well. I even promised you to attach some pictures of all the forlorn moment of you, but I never keep myself embraced with my words. I tried to manage few posts, but its all look suck. Real suck. Even the coordination of pictures are not accordingly.
But, I figured out some place that I could use to tag the photos. I have channel some of the photos to http://ainianwahida.tumblr.com/! Yayyy! See, I'm not totally a trickster of my own words!
In case you wonder if I'm gonna use Tumblr as my primary blog, NO. I'M STILL LOVE HERE.
I WILL STILL GONNA STICK HERE. But as for now, I might gonna need Tumblr help to keep all photos on track.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Typing skill, must've lost it somewhere

Type, backspace, type, backspace, type type (already work on the introduction), cntrl+A, backspace.

Okay, tell me how am I suppose to write anything with such a sloth of thinking. There are few entries in my draft that are left unfinished. All due to the lack of thinking capability. I think I must lost my brain somewhere. And what's inside my head, is just an empty disk.
I'm gonna try to write something (as if I never say promises like this a hundred times before) and hope someone will atleast notice that this blog is still alive.

Catching the writing groove,