Saturday, October 29, 2011

Being the leader of the family

I used to wake up as early as 11.00am.
I used to find ibu the first thing every morning (okay,count it morning)
I used to straight away went lepak after my breakfast
I used to reject/ignore ibu's call when I'm out (not really reject, tak perasan ibu call.cliche)
I used to go home at any time that is acceptable
I used to confine myself in my room with the internet
I used to go out only when ibu get the dinner ready
I used to eat while chatted/argued stuffs with my family, and ibu and papa
I used to make ibu and papa yelled at us
I used to hear them lectured and make faces

I used, I when they are away, I fucking messed up. Fucking don't-have-a-life. I thought I do be fine. I thought we are all cool. I thought I didn't miss you these much. I thought I wouldn't freak out when Yamin cried. I thought I can handle the tasks at home. I thought our babysitter is cooler. Well God, my thoughts are obviously drifted. I miss ibu papa. I terrifyingly miss them! More sick, I'm worrying about them like 86323446834889secs per day (did I count it right?heck,I have no mood to Google).

always miss and pray for you guys,
Ain & adik adik :(
be back soon, please!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

This happen to nice people, like me.

ignore the title. You probably want to close the tab now. hee

been a while since i last write. I mean, really write. Not in blog, not in Twitter. In Microsoft Word. "Where word connecting People." (Eh wrong company, dude.) Sorry sorry. Hee
So i sit here, and try to continue writing. I have multifarious (exaggerating) words in me, but all left unsaid unwrite. I typed, backspaced, retyped, re-backspaced, retyped, re-backspaced, retyped, re-backspaced (okay okayy i get it, Ain!!), but i couldn't find the right words, the right sentence (p/s: you can use this sentence when you and your boyfie are in a fight/miss each other). So what to do? I guess, just another Alt+F4. =.=

Try to write tomorrow,
hope it will come. :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hallmark Sad Movie: Story of Irresponsible Single Mother (short entry)

Ignore the @adtarmizi part. Just read the status I wrote. Read from the bottom
You might have to zoom this image.
Okay, don't cry. :')

With care and sympathy,
 Kak Ain 

Oh no no! You ain't enter the wrong url

I just changed my header and background! *proud proudd :D
angkat dada ala popeye

created by me. ceheee~
'Paint' can be really pain in the ass

Cabell (Hair; in Catalan)

** edited on 21.10.2011
p/s: i just uploaded the second last picture on 21/10 

I know my last post is a bit cloak-and-sword. hewhew *(chuckle)Skype's smiley.
And i also notice i had posted crap in my last last last entry. Less about myself.
My diary/blog would possibly complaint, "Did my owner think she's doing talk show or what? Hm I'm gonna say Hi to next blog. Or maybe i should join Hamzah Ian's club." =.= Glad he didn't have voice, though.
So this post is about me. (okay ain, as if anybody would thrill to read this). Oh not exactly. It's about my hair! My HAIR, people! :D (anyone amused/thrilled/excited? no?=.=)

Pendek (rambut okay, RAMBUT) dan curl.

Straight, plus highlight macam rempit (Y)

Curl all the way! which i think make me look FAT

okay, this one undescribe-able. =.= bengkang bengkok kot
SURPRISE! jeheee this is just wig.never hv the confidence
This is the latest, kot. (style 90-an macam Hafiz)

So which one do you think look more okay on me? Or I should get back to my original hair, which i ditched since Standard 6. :)

Planning on restore my original hair
Go on regular treatment (to preserve)
 and maybe dyed.  

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dear Hafiz:
There are so many reasons why I Love You. So many, that I don't feel like I'm being forced to list this out. Surprisingly, I don't even have to think. It just came to my fingers like the drink we had today. Btw the list is just one chapter. I have hundreds more chapter with me, in me. :)

  1. You approach me like no other boys did.
  2. You say 'hey there' instead of saying 'boleh berkenalan?'.
  3. You say you like me the first time we text.
  4. You say you been watching me all this while.
  5. You didn't judge me like others.
  6. You ignore the fact that we met each other (not officially.just bumped into), in discipline room every morning because I had to report my attendance three times a day. 
  7. You said you were spying on me all this while.
  8. You knew quite a lot about me, that time. Now, you had know almost everything about me.
  9. You gave me the Kitten phone chain the second day we text.
  10. You are the most gorgeous creature in school.
  11. You are the reason I went to school, even it was the most filthy space at the moment. 
  12. You are the reason I need to go to girl's toilet everytime before I walk to lab. (because the lab is infront of your classroom)
  13. You are the reason I forced Priya to go Biology's class, so that I will have the chance to see you. <3
  14. You are the reason I don't want to go lab, when I'm not satisfied with my look.
  15. You are the reason I don't want to go school, when we have deep conversation the night before.
  16. You are the reason I want to come home quickly, to text you.
  17. You make me smile at your words.
  18. You make me skip my lunch.
  19. You told me things a wanna hear.
  20. You never forget to put smiley in every text.
  21. You always praise me.
  22. You make me fly (and smile upon the fly).
  23. You always say the things I wanna hear.
  24. You show me the cleaner side of life, when mine is upside-down.
  25. You give me a good role model.
  26. You are a strong example to everything I do/did.
  27. You make me blushed when you watched me blow the melodian from distance.
  28. You make me ignore others and start focusing on the good thing I have (which is, you)
  29. You ignore my haters.
  30. You didn't even ask why they un-friend me and hated me that much.
  31. You said, I wonder why the kids boycott you.I personally think you are perfect. :))
  32. You praise me when I did something right, even it's a small matter.
  33. You share the stars you adore with me.
  34. You asked me to join you to watch the stars.
  35. You said you want to catch the stars and you want me to be there when you did. :)
  36. You taught me metophora. <3
  37. You make me dare to dream, again.
  38. You come to me when I have nobody.
  39. You didn't care that I have nothing but my ego.
  40. You told your guy friend that you liked me.
  41. You always gave me that crooked smile when we bumped into each other.
  42. You make me circle the building, only to avoid you, because I was too shy. =.=
  43. You make me super-care with how I look.
  44. You said, I Love You without tired even at that time you know I would never reply it back.
  45. You say the same words/compliment to me until now! <3
  46. You treat me like I'm a valuable thing.
  47. You wouldn't dare to hurt me.
  48. You always want to call me, even didn't picked up, because I was afraid that once you heard my voice, you would change your interest.
  49. You turned out to be the Romeo the first time we had conversation on phone (after months we communicate via words).
  50. You sang me song!
  51. You make me scream (in my heart).
  52. You said, duh it's like I'm performing in a big concert.My hands were shaking so badly. :')
  53. You make me ran to my mum and told her about you.
  54. You are not proud of what you have.
  55. You are a very religious boy, and I love this one. <3
  56. You answered, 'Um it's a tough Q. I don't know. Okay, I don't like your phone. Because it's the reason I can't hear your voice' when I send him test on What Do You Hate About Me.
  57. You make skipped class, and ran to see you performed.
  58. You stare at me (only me!) eventhough you have hundreds audience! <333
  59. You didn't layan me infront of your guyfriends, but somehow you send me some feeling that make me run into my class cheerfully.
  60. You appreciate when I send different postmen to deliver your choc muffin every Wedn.
  61. You still want me, even I'm not as nice as thought.
  62. You can't let me go, even I had hurt you badly. :'((((
  63. You show me the most powerful feeling that night. :')
  64. You teach me how to be loyal.
  65. You never give up.
  66. You risked all risk to be with me.
  67. You picked me from unruliness. 
  68. You forgave me when I did something so hurtful.
  69. You say good thing even after I make you hurt.
  70. You make me cry and regret.
  71. You make me clear that I want you, only you.
  72. You are the greatest gift ever!
  73. You always there for me when I need you. 
  74. You spend your new year with your friends but still replied to my text without delay.
  75. You make me go all lovey-dovey.
  76. You show me how to be in love. I never, in my life, love someone like I love you. I never open myself to this kind of thing. I never knew how to say those three words, I swear!
  77. You calm me everytime I mess up.
  78. You didn't ask me be good, but make me want to be one.
  79. You respect me so much that you'll ask me everytime we want to plan something.
  80. You eat finished my food. 
  81. You give me a good day, everyday. 
  82. You turned your car's radio off when I'm in it, so that we can hear each other voice without background sound.
  83. You hug me, but I feel less romance more love.
  84. You hold my hands while driving.
  85. You listen to my stupid jokes and endless talk.
  86. You didn't ashamed with me if I laugh out loud. =.= Okay, this tiny one, I LIED. You do ashamed when I can't control myself infront public or when I insist to watch Jennifer's Body in the cafe. But that's  the balancing. Either one have to be the army when the other one is the riot. ;)
  87. You respect my parents and try hard to be friend with my bros. 
  88. You are my twin-mother.
  89. You call me every chance you have, even just to say you love me.
  90. You rock our long-distance relationship like no other will manage. 
  91. You make feel I don't need anyone or any gadget when I already have you. 
  92. You still sending me sweet text even we knew each other long.
  93. You answer my call, 'Hi beautiful' even I just woke you up early morning.
  94. You a real patience! You calmed me when I'm being super paranoid. You stand with me eventhought I cried and shouted crazily.
  95. You can't miss a day without saying goodnight to me, and tell me bedtime story everyday.
  96. You immediately call me once we arrive home after dating. And talk on phone. The time we just had, just wasn't enough.
  97. You love me.
  98. You love me patiently. 
  99. You love me patiently like I'm that special.
  100. You make me clear of what I'm doing, feeling and standing of. That is, loving you

Still learning about you and our love,
Ain :D

Friday, October 14, 2011

Crappy ppy~

Wish all they asked in exam are like:

I can’t get to sleep without: saying goodnight to Hafiz
If I were a doll, the accessories packaged with me would be: a boy (a cute one). noww, who wanna buy me?! ;p
I have an irrational fear of: snake. even image or cartoon 
At my grandparents house I usually eat: ikan masak kicap. yumm! wan is the best cook. (okay, ibu pun) =.=
When I was born I weighed: should i ask my mum?
I am most opposed to: watak Indonesia yang extra extra baik. Urgh gimme a break. (-_-)
I like to stalk: girls with strong words and personalities, and style. 
I am too old to be: have Papa praise me
I find the thought of childbirth: is so innocent, beyond reality. 
Next door to my house is: a religious family, which is why Ibu so care if i jemur kain pakai spender je. =.=
My feet are: size 6.
My preferred style of jeans are: trouser. I think i look tall in them :D but never get a perfect one
I know how to cook: omelets? and RBTM cheese! :D Roti Bakar Telur Manis cheese. what im proud of. :D 
I am annoyed at: people that always portrait themselves as innocent. blah. its all at the outside.  
Men should always: able to spice conversation.
Women should never: copy others status/photo and claim it as theirs. Loser.
The scariest sea creature is: Piranha? They ate sexy chic, come on.
The world is over populated with: kids that want to be tumblr-like. (me included)
I recently broke: a glass, that i used to use it as case
I last cried because: nightmare. I super super super hate dream! 
I would like to be in an advertisement for: some skin care products. By the time i get the offer, its its mean, i'm dreaming. =_+
My favorite shoes are: red velvet flats, 3 inch wedges and maroon crocs. (wait, the crocs aren't mine.tapi tak kisah lah, i wear it all the time dah jadi as mine dah pun)
My mothers’ greatest fear is: losing us.
When I think of Full House: What Full House? The movie or restaurant? :O
I Say This You Say That: I am super-paranoid with something i'm so scared about. Don't even say the 'if'.
Whats your middle name? Ain. I think you should put this Q on top.
How big is your bed? Queen.
What are you listening to right now? Whirling sound of my old PC
What are the last 4 digits in your cellphone number? 0169991625 
What was the last thing you ate? Nasik Lemak, with kicap (first time able.the Nasik Lemak taste like carbon)
Last person you hugged? Yamin? Ke Hafiz?
What books are you reading? Pretty Little Liars (re-read). and Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles.
Piercings? Did it (four times!) and lose it. 
Favorite Movie? 500 days of summer. 
What were you doing before filling this out? Going to Mak Cik Mizan's house to choose my ring. Ibu buy it for me, sebab sale and murah gilew. =.= though i don't know how long i can keep it
Dogs or cats? Cats. <3
Have you ever loved someone? Yes. Deeply 
ARE YOU 18? Thanks for compliment me. But no. I'm 19. But well, you know, people keep saying that i look more like 16. xD
DID YOU GET ENOUGH SLEEP LAST NIGHT? Very much. This is why i woke up really unusual early this morning. 
WHAT DO YOU HAVE HANDY AT YOUR BEDSIDE? My wardrobe? No its not handy. Kena bangun jugak capai.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Similar-but-Different girl's species (in Girl View)

Girl; when deal with this subject, we have our endless comments/answers/opinions. The comments/answers/opinions are in wide range. Wide enough like, sea (pepatah cinta melayu berkata). Generally, it is categorized into two main components (components kah?=.=).
That is, 1) Girls' view (female) 
            2) Boys' view (male)
note; 'half-half' di sini tidak dibincangkan
its either category 1) or 2)
 **tapi di sini saya bincangkan more According to Girls' view

I'm about to share with you my observation on
Girl's Type

These are the two similar-but-different 'species' of girls that do existed in this world. :) You are either cat or rabbit. Both are innocent, btw. ;)
continue reading, *i'm still doing my research upon writing this. :)

Situation #1
she is in a boutique with her just-met girlfriend. The girlfriend ask for her opinion on how the orange colour super tight dress look on her over-tanned complexion. 
Cat: Umm *think for a while sambil examine the view*  I rasa you should go black. Okay, so what if black is boring. It's the safest and sesuai dengan you. Plus, i think i have pair of orange heels to add the WOW. ;)
Rabbit: You sure nak dress ni? (if the friend says yes confidently, she would say) Um haa okay jugak. Cantik. *senyum jaga hati :)

Situation #2
she is in a cafe with her flocks gossiping about the new girl in their school. The topic is hot ala AzwanAli baru balik umrah. 
Cat: Haha aku dah agak dah. Kecoh kot. Baru kena kacau sikit, dah update dekat facebook bagai. Nak hot je.
Rabbit: Hehe yeke? Tak tahu pulak. Aku tak ikut sangat cerita cerita macam ni. Habis macam mana? Ada orang kutuk post dia tak?

Situation #3
she stop at the traffic light, driving alone. And a boy (cute boy.ahaa) riding sumptuous vehicle winking at her seductively.
Cat: Pretend she wasn't look at the boy. Check herself in the mirror/tukar channel radio, to keep herself look busy. So she wouldnt have show the boy her blushed cheeks. 
Rabbit: Professionally/self-confidencely/seductively straighten her body. Adjust her sunglasses. Glimpse at the boy only a little. And smile, also a little. (okay, bayangkan iklan AXE)

Situation #4
she is in a relationship. Somehow/however/what-so-ever(=.=) her loyalty being tested when a cute boy who is potentially attractive, working his ass out to win her. Like drama drama Korea. (i love this character.hee)
Cat: Keep her fan as secret. She doesnt want to create a scene nor make her boyfie jealous and feel insecure. It's no way she will love the fan thou. She has her Nate (as in, Nate Archibald.but the girl is not Blair or Serena,ITS ME.wohoo okay dreamer=.=).
Rabbit: Cheerfully tell the whole there-is-one-boy-in-my-collage-that-always-bump-into-me-and-say-hi-and-offer-lunch to the boyfie. One, is to prove that she's not keeping anything from him. Two, is to remind him,she capable to find another. Three, to see his jealous face.

Situation #5
she a good judger (as if, not all girls are, lah kan). One of her classmate is the anak-aku-ni-ha-baik-budaknya. The classmate wear tudung whenever near to her mother's circle, but take it off bila keluar dengan kawan.
Cat: Ish tak suka aku naa. Hang tak nak pakai, tak payah pakai terus la. Macam aku ni. Ni tak. Kejap bubuh, kejap pakai. (eh silap) Kejap bubuh, kejap tanggal pasaipa tak tau.
Rabbit: Yeke? Kesiankan dia? Kena control. Hm takpe la. Dekat sini boleh jugak dia merasa.

Sound familiar? Have been into the situation? Or have seeing some other girls (be it, your own friend or your male cousin's experience that he shared with you) go through this situation and put our critic on? Well, this is just a synonym, in case you didn't notice! Boys, some/most of us are same. You have to google/track/find the unique one yourself. If not, if all girls are different/unique in your eyes, then your girl (the one you been trying to detect which one is she Cat or Rabbit, while reading this) is no longer special and unique. Start appreciating your The Only. ;)
And yea, note to girls: Hehe i know. i write this based on my experiences and observations and etc etc. Its my honest observation, and does it make you realize something? ;) ;)

You dont hv to detect you are Cat or Rabbit
Follow what do you think is right, then you'll be unique ;)
I didnt really categorized it accordingly, thou
I jaggle the characteristic  randomly
so you will not have to know which one is you.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Brought to you...some new vocab that might help to enhance your English fuck-bility. ;)

Joined at the Dick
meaning: Dua (or more) lelaki hetrosexual yang tak dapat dipisahkan. Always nama diaorang disebut together by people. Even orang yang kenal salah sorang dari mereka.
use of word: "Eh nampak Acap tak?"
                       "Acap-Pami tu?"
                       "Haa ha'ah. Diaorang kan joined at the dick."

meaning: Gelak macam sial. Singkatan bagi 'Laughing Like Shit'.
use of word: serious bhai. kalau kau tengok rambut baru dia, mesti kau LLS.

meaning: Serious, pejadah sial sangat ni. Singkatan bagi 'What The Actual Fuck'. Satu tingkat yang advance dari WTF. WTAF biasa guna untuk emphasize WTF.
use of word: WTAF yang dia tengah bebel ni?

Get an Inbox
meaning: Biasanya digunakan bila satu couple yang asyik duk lovey-dovey dekat wall (facebook etc). Macam nak show-off dekat satu dunia diaorang tengah berromance. Get an Inbox sama maksud dengan Get a Room, tapi ni khas untuk social network.
use of word: Gf: "awak, ite cayang awak cangat cangat. windunyeww!"
                     Bf: "ite pun ite pun! ite nak kahwin dengan awak, ite tak kiye!"
                     Si-kawan-jujur: "uhhh korang, puhlish! get an inbox!"

meaning: Something lame, bosan, loser dan sewaktu dengannya
use of word: Party eha naff gila. the crowd sopan, dah tu siap ada parents guard bagai.

Platonic Relation
meaning: Bila perempuan rejected a boy's proposal untuk jadi girlfriend-boyfriend. And declare untuk 'stay kawan'.
use of word: Reen cakap dia tak sedia lagi nak couple. Aku baru balik tengok movie dengan dia ni. Tadi masa jalan aku nak pegang tangan dia. Tapi dia terus tarik lengan aku ajak masuk Body Shop. *this dude is in platonic relationship.marked*

Maintenance Text
meaning: Sending text message untuk someone yang you ada potensi nak date in the future (2, 3 tak pun 5 tahun lagi), untuk pastikan yang dia tahu you wujud. Konon malu, or in honest word-- usaha nak tak nak.
use of word: "Zhariff ada text you tak, Ita?"
                      "Oh ada. Baru je dia send maintenance text tanya I dekat mana. Mamat tu serious noob."

meaning: Usually digunakan bila perempuan is sexually attracted to mamat hot gaban. Or can be use untuk jadikan nama samaran lelaki tu.
use of word: I dah ladyboner dengan mamat jual air tebu depan campus kita tu. Hot gilaaa.

sources: Dictionary
FIY; nama-nama diatas tiada kena mengena
sama ada yang mati atau buat buat hidup.
*winkk. haha

Saturday, October 8, 2011

miss these :')

some things in our life is just impossible to last forever. it once came into our life, popped there for certain period. and then leave through back door. like, tv series.

these are some of the many many tv series i missed. just, i didn't think of saving them in CD. and regretted.

next time, remember to save it on CD

holidayyyyy yeeeebbaaaaa!! :D

lalalala~ holiday day day day~ oh oh so happy happy happy ppy~
*sambil cuci bilik.rambut cekak.menari tonggek tonggek.setiap 15saat,tengok cermin.

okay. so cuci bilik tu, tipu. =.=