Monday, August 6, 2012

Determination never wins

Reading other's blog, thinking..Y U no blog nymore?!

Well, honestly..blogging is never mean to be famous, for me. It's just where I think I can express things into words, or where I can pretend what I wanna be, without having people to comment (but I still appreciate ur comments!). The thing is, now, I'm quite occupy with my business world. All I can think about is, Lips & Wings..and food (in conjunction of this fasting 

Actually I have vowed to myself that I will not sleep after sahur all days during my working days! Figured that I could spent some tiny time to write. But guess, everyday's the same. I don't know where the heck my determination goes. Everytime I open Microsoft, I ended up in Google Chrome instead. But btw I did manage to write..a few..lines. =__________________=

Please write for yourself & ur future,