Friday, March 23, 2012

Silence Inspiration

Somewhere, between the line of jealousy and admiration, has make a girl grown deniably inspired, which in very common situation will cause gossips/enemy.
Inside us, there is a silence inspiration that we will never have the urge to admit.  We would curse bad words to ourselves than admitting this silence inspiration of us. Especially if the inspiration is in our category or our competition.
Don’t deny it; you always stalk that girl Facebook. And you eventually will close tabs when your brother suddenly decided to pop in your room. Noisy brother acted pussy-like. Shouldn’t let him know what I’m doing.

Silence inspiration is like silence girl crush. That when it being revealed, we do rather kill ourselves for admitting.

Mine, (as I typing, I am deeply hope, she will not read it) is my junior back in high school. Don’t kill me or curse me for admiring a junior. Cause I had already curse myself thousand times, I am sure about this. Like why the heck I admire her. She flirted with my boyfriend (before we hooked up. But  yea, its still counted), have better look than me, fair complexion, can sing, play guitar, take tumblr-like photos and has a certainty better life and maybe future!
I hated all the points! I will have a good tour to find her flaws, but then if I found none, I will go all insecure.
As I think back, why did I still want to stalk her profile, why did I still want to keep update with her social life. The frank and manly reason is that it is because, deep inside, minus jealousy, I inspire her life. Okay a bit fake. I actually admire her, herself.

Come on!
Speak of the truth!
Un-bury your dirty little secret!

That's my little secret,
not because I watch porn, brother

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spare me some time!

I was revising studying Professional Practice (for the 1st time, and its only happen because of exam tomorrow!) when I remembered I haven't done Data Analysis test. I am! Wasting a bit of my precious time to update the long-silence little diary of the unicorn!

I have lots to share! But wait until I'm done with all these papers I have to sit! Wish me luck! And and one more thing! Tomorrow is Papa's birthday! Please wish the man of my life (besides Hafiz) a good health! I need him. I need him to scold at me, I need him to go all mushy on me, and I certainty need him to complete my life. K that's it. See you soon after this sem ends, diary!

Exhausted little unicorn
Never Forever sleep

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Under cover Hero

People may say Papa don't love as much, but no. You're wrong. Why? Am not gonna prove it. Because I feel it.

Spare me

What is mentally technically wrong with my blogspot? The entry wouldn't appear. My new entry.
No, it's not my excuse to not blogging. I posted the note else where. And guess where, on Facebook. Which I don't really prefer. Have some time to check it out.

and yes, another short entry. =.=

Never turn down on life