Thursday, December 29, 2011

Highly Motivated to Be Garfield

Last time I really wrote, was a million years ago. (yes, please impress.I'm Edward sister by gene) I just not motivated to write due to no reason. Until last night, someone tweeted me to write back. So next entry, will be it! ;)

in hope I can click 'new post'
after publishing this one

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fashion Bazaar!

Whoa that's huge, doesn't it? Almost like my dream come true! It's what I have been dreaming of. And what's written on my future-plan schedule. Big road to step! (by walking or driving?) I choose running. Cause I'm an unicorn!

Me and partner cooperate in opening an online&offline boutique, CORBEILLE D'OR! Translated: Golden Trash. So for the first step, we joined a fashion bazaar. I repeat, a fashion bazaar. At the coolest place in Penchala Link, RASTA! Hehe no, the coolest place among teenagers. This, was a good experience. I gave full commitment and all my passion to Corbeille D'or. This is my future. My dream. Support me? :))


Hafiz showed up to give me some support. Auww that's sweet, boo. 

In dream,
for future

Monday, November 21, 2011

Go Tiger!

Kunne Hite Kunne Hite~
*lagu Harimau Malaya

Congrates Harimau Malaya! JYEAHHH won with glory. Last night was an emotional in all mamak stalls.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

K done! Stop playing.

What happen to my diary recently? More pictures, less words. Hahh guess I was having too much fun this sem break.
Now, I should declare WAR. Eh no. =.= By mean, I should get my brain back to it's shape (but I don't know his shape.and is it a 'his' or 'her'?okay,nevermind). Done playing and dating. As school kids start Yay-ing, me have to arrange my timetable and wake up at 7! Huh seriously, the ministry doesn't want us family to go for a holiday.

am actually jealous
back on Satur

Was here: seven years ago

There! A never-master-a-thing and just-friend-with-chinese grimy girl lined up among hundreds chinese and ten malays singing to songs that teachers forced them sing. But the only thing she thought was, 'aku mesti macam bodoh muka'.


Aliff. Yea, I saw he's laughing. (T.T)

Sometime, I just love to zoom every face. Naaa! Got you!

That grimy girl.
how's your secondary school life?
mine, here.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Exhibit: The most gorgeous couple!

Remember the glorious engagement party of this gorgeous couple last July? Now, they are married! :DDD
Kak Aiza (now changed title as Auntie Aiza) and Pok Yul, congrates you two! :D

Haa tergegeh-gegeh lafaz nikah. :p

The wedding. Kompang radio ye, kalian.

My family. The missing part; Ibu and Papa :(

Pictures: 100% stolen from Roh Studio (check out their website!)

This post is dedicated to:
Ibu and Papa

Monday, November 7, 2011

Pesta Anak-anakan?

We (me and Hafiz) cheers Yamin after Ibu and Papa take-off to Mekkah last week (last week?only last week?I felt like months) by taking him to Gegaria. Gegaria sounds lame to us aged 17-29, I know. (T.T) But fuck what people think. We indeed, had fun there. :D

Yamin's ugly face. Oh no worry, there are MORE :p

Seriously? I mean, that's Powerpuff!
So everybody is into pink now?

Myvi. I love this covering thou!


Design after Allahyarham Tan Sri P.Ramlee. A great man
Since when I blogged about car? :O

Since when I blogged about tall thin yellow mascot? (T.T)

told you: this faces of him! :p OKAY DAA! :D

macam bawak anak

Friday, November 4, 2011

No Malay? No Chinese? No Indian?

this entry was mean to post thousands year ago, tapi Hafiz asyik lupa nak bagi. so, blame him! hee

This is what I love about being a Malaysian. Aside from boleh makan ais krim pop/malaysia, I love the 1 Malaysia value in us. Disregard the difference of surname (surname?) and skin colour, we are one family. :D

I have a strong sense of nationalism in me. Its invite a feeling whenever I saw Chinese boys and Malay boys walk together to school. I hate when someone being so racist. I'm not. Why should I? Cuba bayangkan kalau negara kita takda Cina, siapa nak buat rambut kita? Kalau takda India, siapa nak trim kening kita? Kalau takda Melayu, orang putih nak makan Nasi Lemak mana? Kalau takda Mamak, kedai siapa kita nak lepak pukul 2 pagi? Kalau takda Orang Asli, siapa jual bakul tepi jalan KL-Pahang tu? Kalau takda Indon, siapa nak jadi bibik/contractor kita? Eh tak tak, yang last tu tak masuk. Hee.. There are certain values I look for at each race. And I have to said, I admire some values in some races. We all have what we mastered of.
Other countries, please be jealous! 

Btw, ni bukan point saya. Saja je bebel atas tadi. Heeeeee..
I had a lot fun and experiences wearing Saree and beraya (or what you call it?) this Deepavali! :D Let me shared with you what I learnt!

Okay, this is how they wear Saree.

LOL I joked. I failed. Priya and her mum's helped me. Sepuluh kali berhenti tengah jalan,
betulkan Saree.

At Priya's! <3

Hafiz, Priya, and kaki gossip. She's one of my closest friend during Form5
and still. The one that teach me about 'future-plan and strategy' :p


beras pulut (not sure beras pulut ke beras apa, tapi  beras la)

studied at Chinese school for 6 years
no racist.