Monday, November 21, 2011

Go Tiger!

Kunne Hite Kunne Hite~
*lagu Harimau Malaya

Congrates Harimau Malaya! JYEAHHH won with glory. Last night was an emotional in all mamak stalls.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

K done! Stop playing.

What happen to my diary recently? More pictures, less words. Hahh guess I was having too much fun this sem break.
Now, I should declare WAR. Eh no. =.= By mean, I should get my brain back to it's shape (but I don't know his shape.and is it a 'his' or 'her'?okay,nevermind). Done playing and dating. As school kids start Yay-ing, me have to arrange my timetable and wake up at 7! Huh seriously, the ministry doesn't want us family to go for a holiday.

am actually jealous
back on Satur

Was here: seven years ago

There! A never-master-a-thing and just-friend-with-chinese grimy girl lined up among hundreds chinese and ten malays singing to songs that teachers forced them sing. But the only thing she thought was, 'aku mesti macam bodoh muka'.


Aliff. Yea, I saw he's laughing. (T.T)

Sometime, I just love to zoom every face. Naaa! Got you!

That grimy girl.
how's your secondary school life?
mine, here.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Exhibit: The most gorgeous couple!

Remember the glorious engagement party of this gorgeous couple last July? Now, they are married! :DDD
Kak Aiza (now changed title as Auntie Aiza) and Pok Yul, congrates you two! :D

Haa tergegeh-gegeh lafaz nikah. :p

The wedding. Kompang radio ye, kalian.

My family. The missing part; Ibu and Papa :(

Pictures: 100% stolen from Roh Studio (check out their website!)

This post is dedicated to:
Ibu and Papa

Monday, November 7, 2011

Pesta Anak-anakan?

We (me and Hafiz) cheers Yamin after Ibu and Papa take-off to Mekkah last week (last week?only last week?I felt like months) by taking him to Gegaria. Gegaria sounds lame to us aged 17-29, I know. (T.T) But fuck what people think. We indeed, had fun there. :D

Yamin's ugly face. Oh no worry, there are MORE :p

Seriously? I mean, that's Powerpuff!
So everybody is into pink now?

Myvi. I love this covering thou!


Design after Allahyarham Tan Sri P.Ramlee. A great man
Since when I blogged about car? :O

Since when I blogged about tall thin yellow mascot? (T.T)

told you: this faces of him! :p OKAY DAA! :D

macam bawak anak

Friday, November 4, 2011

No Malay? No Chinese? No Indian?

this entry was mean to post thousands year ago, tapi Hafiz asyik lupa nak bagi. so, blame him! hee

This is what I love about being a Malaysian. Aside from boleh makan ais krim pop/malaysia, I love the 1 Malaysia value in us. Disregard the difference of surname (surname?) and skin colour, we are one family. :D

I have a strong sense of nationalism in me. Its invite a feeling whenever I saw Chinese boys and Malay boys walk together to school. I hate when someone being so racist. I'm not. Why should I? Cuba bayangkan kalau negara kita takda Cina, siapa nak buat rambut kita? Kalau takda India, siapa nak trim kening kita? Kalau takda Melayu, orang putih nak makan Nasi Lemak mana? Kalau takda Mamak, kedai siapa kita nak lepak pukul 2 pagi? Kalau takda Orang Asli, siapa jual bakul tepi jalan KL-Pahang tu? Kalau takda Indon, siapa nak jadi bibik/contractor kita? Eh tak tak, yang last tu tak masuk. Hee.. There are certain values I look for at each race. And I have to said, I admire some values in some races. We all have what we mastered of.
Other countries, please be jealous! 

Btw, ni bukan point saya. Saja je bebel atas tadi. Heeeeee..
I had a lot fun and experiences wearing Saree and beraya (or what you call it?) this Deepavali! :D Let me shared with you what I learnt!

Okay, this is how they wear Saree.

LOL I joked. I failed. Priya and her mum's helped me. Sepuluh kali berhenti tengah jalan,
betulkan Saree.

At Priya's! <3

Hafiz, Priya, and kaki gossip. She's one of my closest friend during Form5
and still. The one that teach me about 'future-plan and strategy' :p


beras pulut (not sure beras pulut ke beras apa, tapi  beras la)

studied at Chinese school for 6 years
no racist.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How Confidence Has Changed My Life

Perfume? Huhh how cliche does it sound, Hanis. Come on, how can a girl be confidence with just few spray of perfumes? I used to own this mind. You know, how can people gain as much confidence. I'm so envy, seriously. T.T

Some girls, can just head out without any facial brand on their faces. Some girls, can just wear anything but still have people admired. Some girls, can just be everyone's favourite without doing anything! Damn, seriously how did they make it? Cologen? Botox? Mandi Bunga? >.< (I sound evil, didn't I?)

Like this girl! Someone please arrest her!
*peace sign to HZ :p

As for me, I spend a lot on make up and cloths. Just to make sure I'm in the appropriate sense of fashion (okay, that's bragging), Just to make sure people didn't look at their shoes when I'm trying to make conversation. You know, I was too wary about what people might say about me. I checked myself every five minutes. Super concious for what I'm wearing. Protected my tagged photo on Facebook. Aware of who I walked with etc etc. I hated walk into public without the appropriate figure. For me, it put a bad impression.

However, I have said Goodbye to those days. I'm glad my confidence level has stayed above it's stable line. :D

How did I gain my confidence?
Fair complexion? No
Well-treat hair? No
Perfect make-up? No
Branded clothes? No

Then What?
How you present yourself. ;) 
I was a girl that afraid to held my head high. Walked in the room with head faced the earth, bend my arms, hid my chest and unwilling to make eyes contact. But a friend teaches me,
"It's how you present yourself, that matter. If you have the charm, I mean, know well how to bring yourself in a crowd, you can be the spotlight. It's what we called, Instant Spotlight! Or kecantikan abadi."

True. I learnt confidence that way. I changed my perception, told myself to appreciate what I have instead of chasing what I want, and changed the way I portrait myself. Oh no, I didn't portrait myself to be who I wanted to be. I just, being me. :) That's cool, you know. Being yourself is cool, and effortless.

Pavilion? No. Trash-hunting! :D Earlier today. But it's cool thou!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Secret Admire (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1

Mr Sun reprimanded me warmly with his menacing smile. Its morning ray that strike through my singel panel glass window woken me up to another hopefully-bright day. I open my left eyes to survey the my surrounding. The first object I saw was, my old version computer which I got from my twelveth birthday. An old present from my Papi. The last year he was actually there for us. I spread my arms wide, yawning from remaining sleepiness. Told myself, I do better get up or I'll lose the second round. Yes, the second round. Just to think about it, I step out of my bed voluntarily. Feeling light, I walked to my computer. Turned the CPU to life, and pulled open the frezer that sit with it's pride in my tiny room to reach for a cool water. All the objects in my room is reachable. That's what I like of being in a tiny room. I don't have to walk more than ten inches. 

  I sat across the computer and reached for it's mouse. Clicked on the left section of Skype. But apparently, the person I was hoping to see is not on the line. Lose hope, I move the cursor to recommend the screen to sleep. Maybe I can try again later, I coaxed myself. Just when I'm about to clicked the sleep mode, a noticfication popped. 'One Message Received!'. My lips curled into a smile, thought I'm not sure what it's content.

My smile broaden as I saw the sender. 'Dian's Secret Admire'. Cheesy. Yes. But I like it. Like it too much, I can say. I wasn't the kind that fall in love for the classmate or hot hunk work at the Starbuck or anyone. I wasn't the kind that ever fall in love. I cannot recall when is the last time I have been in a relationship more than three weeks. This, this cliche Dian's Secret Admire somehow had make me smile upon chatting with him. 

'Morning Beautiful! :D Have you sleep well last night? Btw I saw someone left something infront your room. You do better check it out. I hope it's not boom.' I felt chilly for a while, hestate on playing this game further. Now, the secret admire is going a bit too far, ain't it? For someone who just knew me for one night, sure he is. I doubted about checking the stuff out. Considering what he have done last night, I told myself to give it a try. I appreaciated his picture of stars that he shared with me last night. I hope, at least, it's not a boom. What possibility could it make for someone who wanted to treathen me send me a pictures of sky, right? Right. 

I opened my rented room's door ajar. Still hesitating and suspicious. I spotted a McD's paper bag right in my door step. Feeling relieve as all my hesitation drifted, I picked the bag up and opened to check it's content. I smile at my finding. A large set of Double Cheese Burger. 

'Hey, THANKS! Haha I love this boom. Thought, you don't have to buy me breakfast like this. Plus, it's large set! You think Im that glutton, are you? >.

'Nahh, judging from your size... :p Haha JK. I want you to gain more weight.' 

'Grr >.< Btw thanks, again. You don't have to do this, thought. I made my breakfast already.' Lie. I don't usually open myself up to public. 

'Glass of cool water, you call it breakfast?' With this, I starled. Aware of how this annonymous know all my details, and more, what I am doing! I looked around me suspiciously, check if there any hidden camera installed in my room. Immediately, I covered my bare shoulder with my arms. Considering what I'm wearing. 

I was contend to reply. There are thousands thought in my head. Thousands logical thoughts that opposed me to reply, and a zest that urged me to do against my logical thoughts. I want to know more. The reason he send me the email, the reason he send me the picture, the reason he hooked with me all night last night, the reason he send me breakfast, the reason he target my account, the reason he know my address, the reason he know what I'm actually doing, and the reason he created the email account with my name on it ! I was terrified but I want to know the answers behind these.

Fold together my spirit, I began to type my keyboard. But just as I start my first word, a new notification was up. My eyes was smallen from focus, determination and hope.

'Dian? Did I caught you?? I'm just guessing. Remember last night you told me you were drinking cool water all this while until you got stucked on it and make it routine?' 

My mouth open in 'O' shape. Didn't bellieve that it was me actually who give him a clue. But somehow, its relive me a bit. At least, there is no hidden camera somewhere in my cozy room.

'Tell me, how do you get my address'  Wanting to know the truth. 

'Sorry. I promised to seal my mouth on the sources. Cant tell you. But hey, dont be afraid. Im not a fighter, im a lover. ;)'  That's him. Always come with this kind of words. Urgh, I hate it.

'How can I trust you? I dont even know you.'  And this is me, dazzled by him. And I hate me, too. 

'You just hv too. Im good and nice. And I'll never let you sad. :)'  My lips started to form the smile again, but my ego was against it. 

'Why would I be sad?' 

'Idk. I just dont want to be the reason, and dont allow anything invite it.' With this, my ego hurts. I smiled.

will be continued

first trial on english writing,

Hello November!

please be nice and warm to me. i need a nice surveillance. i need a strong determination, to stand and cheer my brothers. to gather us as one family.