Tuesday, April 26, 2011


hiiiiiiiiiiiii see the image above. :D heeeeeee how is it how is it? naiss kan kan? hee*grinning.mata dah merah sebab muka 5cm je dari screen. T.T
beriya betol. padahal edit pakai paint je. but it's okay. atleast it's my own artwork. hee~ wait, should i change the background's colour? caused macam tak masuk. haishh jap, nak bukak belog hanis zalikha. =___=

@haiqal afiq yang dari dulu janji nak buatkan header. 
takpa. gua yang gangtung header sendiri. :p

Monday, April 25, 2011

it's been a busy week of a Dean. :/

puff pufff. i just have a chance to update my diary, today. T.T  it's that im too 'study-oriented', it's mainly because  haihh blogger,she seems malu malu taknak bagi i update entry. loading like forever. i just able to type the tittle, all this while. now, baru dapat tulis. hee~
it's examination weeks, and it's a week of stressful for everybody except me. -___- literally because i know i cant do anything to help myself, and just sitting on the suddenly-feel-big-and-uncomfortable chair, lingering to see all the deans busy scrabbling words. haihh.. im so helpless. too relax, as claimed by aza. wish i can atleast pass every subjects. i really don't like RP class. and i reallyyy dislike the idea of staying here for one more sem. doakan saya. saya insan lemah. cecehh. :D

eh btw, ni la sebab saya busy study week hari tu. hee~

hate my hair.i wasn't prepare anything for this shoot. T.T

Thursday, April 14, 2011


weeeeeeeeeeeee taksangka achieve 101st entry! :D hee actually im intended to bond and underline my 100th post, but when close to finish writing, baru perasan i had already posted post #100.damn. urgh actually this doesnt seem much to many bloggers. mind me, doesnt even seem anything to any expert bloggers. but sokay, since im not an expert one. neither loyal, creative, funny, inspired, informative ect ect. T.T
ummmm so what to post a? err nothing on mind actually. i just rarely blogging lately. been busy with the three assignments that i just submitted one hour previously. and worrying bout final and sorting this one problem with tudung-and-QS thing and deciding daydreaming of going abroad for semester break and surveying these pair of coooooool things im eager to try. hee~ oh kay kay, im getting the way a bit boring here.

lets talk something else, jom. hm wait, im checking my draft. hari tu dah nak posted post ni actually. then pending sebab zero idea. ahh sane, nothing. i just wrote shit.
hm actually im kinda fed up with time lately. i dont have much time to write. i love to write, but just im too lazy. --__--  i have been thinking bout a plot, to a new novel. (hey perempuan, my previous novel that i posted on this one particular website pun tak habis tulis lagi). its about tut tut and tut tut signing an agreement to help each other for own benefit. the contract is tet tet tet tet. tut tut falls for tut tut, but just too arrogant to admit because tut tut is a damn hot playboy ala chace crawford and tut tut is a priceless virgin that already have tot tot. the contract bonds tut tut and tut tut together. tut tut of course happy being with tut tut. but tut tut already have tot tot, how can she falls for tut tut that is damn damn hot and popular and spicy naughty playboy. HAHA what an imagination! haha.. will think bout this story later! but first, i have to teach myself to a loyal writer. have to continue writing my Berani Kiss?. :D hahh what a plan. what a intention.

heree some random pictures. motif: takdak pa.

  kay nothing interesting, i know. -____-

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Night of Million Colours

IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING! :D after all what we have worked for, after nights of meeting, after what we have argued, after the hi-hey-and-hoi, after all the misunderstood and stress, and after the complexion darken three tones, we finally did our first task as QS student. is it too pathetic that i get all excited? okay whatever. i AM excited. i was sweating all days.
am to pm, rush by to complete all the works. (oh yea, i as AJK performance,cecehh) siapkan stage, entrance berjemur tengah panas, handle budak perform. oh k k, no complain here. stop talking bout behind the screen.
it was real forworn. penat gila. dah la dengan pakai 4 inch heels, berlari sana sini(behind stage je pun) terkejar kejar handle performancee. it was my first time handling something big. honestly, i was eerie. takut silap lah, tak jumpa budak perform lah, takut tak sempat angkat barang yang remain on stage lah, haa add one more to the list--takut dengan lecturers sebab what i wore (probably this is main reason, i tak keluar dari behind stage that night). but it all ended up successfully(atleast, my part). i dont know what did the audiences think, or if they really enjoy. but what i know is, i really should thank to the performancee. they did their best.

arghhh apa jadi dengan saya ni!damn, look at my previous previous posts,
gila suck and semakin pundek pendek.update pulak lambat lambat.
sial betul.harap sebab busy dengan dinner ni. and masa mendatang 
akan cuba post dengan lebih jujur.kerana post kali ni pun
tak jujur langsung.