Tuesday, January 11, 2011

weh aku tak buat apa apa pun. serious. :(

Environment: Everybody is listening half dead(but still manage to control their nerdiness) to the muka-cahaya-keimanan-tapi-cara-macam-rempit(imagine!) lecturer.

One obviously not comfortable with her dress girl, saying something to her friend that sit next to her. "Aku cam dengar ceramah agama."
Her big alive moles friend respond: "Aku dah nak tertidur ni," But still maintaining her position and can hardly notice that she is actually mumbling something.
So the girl with the uncomfortable dress turn to her friend to confirm that she is really sleepy(because her expression said that she capture every single words that the lecturer say). when she adjusting her view back to the Lcd screen, the ha-ha-i'm-so-funny-all-the-time lecturer is looking directly into her face!
She immediately drop her head down so the lecturer will think she is really noting what he said. and hoping that he wouldn't say anything or make fun of her, for he's always make fun of people.
"Saya bukan tengok awak. Orang sebelah awak tu," Oh apa? Huhh..glad. :)
Then when she raise her head, the lecturer was obviously mean to say that previous line to her friend that sit next to her. (means that the lecturer is COMFIRMLY 'tengok' she!)
"Awak sekolah perempuan kan dulu?" what? mulut tercengang. apa ke hal nyo ekau tanya aku tiba tiba soalan tu. dah lah buat muka macam saying i'm having a serious HIV. 
She just replied no. afraid that he will continue to ask her moooore question.
"Saya tengok awak asyik pandang kiri kanan." and then apa kenanya dengan sekolah perempuan ke tak?
She's just smiling while noticing the whole class is staring at her and laugh madly, thinking that it's a really funny scenery.
Okay lah. He continue his lecture. phew glad.. 
"Awak tak suka makan ikan ye?" :o
--__--  Dont know what to answer. it might be a tricky question.
"Focus!" Staring inside my eyes while make a habitual(he might think it's fun.idk) hand gesture. heyy, i dont do a single thing psycho! what's up with you? i'm trying hard to focus and not moving a single cell.
Then he continue with bla bla bla, making fun of her. telling the whole class how he felt when he noticed that an 'object' is moving here and there. shit! maluuuuu
Okay he's get back to his work. but then after a few lines, he start his oh-so-funny-question again, with the seriously-over-pill face. "Mesti sayur pun awak tak suka makan kan?"
The girl just nod politely.
but he still havent seems to play enough. "Awak mesti makan ayam je kan?" hoiiii! apanya kau ni? dah laa..satu class kot pandang aku gelak gelak. kau ingat kelakar sangat ke.
And then he continue the rest of the class with routine like this. few lecture, and then back to knowing-me topic. asking the girl's name, facebook thingy. hahh..heck betul. nasib dapat lecturer suka buat lawak rempit sejati ni. bagi lecture macam gangster(this one is fun,sebab kelakar cara dia), then making a few funny conversation with his random student. tapi serious, i dont know how to picture him. he's really this funny. okay, muka boleh tahan lah. kurus kering, suka cuba untuk buat lawak. lepas tu kalau dia buat lawak, dia buat muka macam nak gelak tapi cover. gelak dia tu pulak macam sindir orang, but at the same time buat orang lain yang tengok tu ketawa. and his action is really unexpectable. this is the factor why he acted like that. hohh..
just imagine how funny does people see him. i personally think he is funny, but still, I"M THAT GIRL!!!!!

waaa~ malu gila. :'(

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