Friday, January 14, 2011

sorry. i miss-heard

i want to apologize about the previous post. especially to mimie. i missed heard/heard it wrong about something. it's not "ain dengan mimie tu over," no. she didn't say that. she said, "nak dengar cerita lucu pasal mimie dengan ain tak?" 
sorry. tersalah info. but still, it's hurt the same.


Hanis Manis said...

it is scary how misunderstanding can hurt us somehow, yes?

hello, :)

p/s: i like a dreamer coz it sounds more(soooooo) like me. hee

Hanis Manis said...

and oh, ur hair is much more awesome. dammit. ur pretty, seriously. not because you said that to me first. hee.

ain wauhidus said...

yeah. i hate when its happen. it's leave the scar, like forever. :(
nahh..yours is much much moooore pretty. mine is fake, obviously. :D