Thursday, January 20, 2011

selamat thaipusam! :D

haha.. sebenarnya takde kena mengena pun tajuk entry ni. suka hati lah kan, diary saya. -,-
i was intended to join thaipusam event pagi tadi. and when tya ajak pergi rumah pakcik dia yang katanya, "alah, dekat je." tu, i thought of stopping at batu gajah sekejap. they said dekat batu gajah celebration thaipusam best. that's why i am eager to join. plus, i havent been at any thaipusam event. and because i am onemalaysian. 'as a malaysian we should yadda yadda yaddaa..' btw, who's with me? put your hand up! :D
so we went to tya's pakcik house which is at bagan datoh, which i spelled it wrong(i spelled pengkalan dato).
 p/s: saya kena tipu hidup hidup. bagan datoh ini jauhnya adalah kira kira dua jam perjalanan viva 120km/hr.
the kampung there is awesome, breath-taking view and they got parit and titi at every house. tya said, "ha korang, ni lah kampung! :D"  as if i'm from bandar like her. -,-'
btw we didnt make it to batu gajah. the location is at the other end of perak. and aza keep reminding me about our tons of assignment. :(
but it's okay. i have much fun playing in the sun! :D and atleast i can take a few of cool pics with really cool background(but low quality camera and wrong time)

really breath-taking kan? :)) *not the fat lady there. :p
Proudly in her Guess shirt and Guess bag and  and..greentownmall sunny. XD


E.d.Y said...

bestnya pegi tempat mcm ni

ain wauhidus said...

haha.. yeah. best gila! :D