Monday, December 20, 2010

she's cute, yeah. i'm like, a fei-po. -__-

damn, why is she has to be so cute?
so fair, so straight-hair, so big eyes(not really,but still), so sexy, so-boobs, so can-wear-singlet-but-ppl-dont-look-at-me-as-sex-toy, so white armpit, so Chinese-like, much better from me?
is she? is this why you comment her pic? is this what lead to your conversation with her, course you don't look like a jantan that could chat with just random girl? is this why you watch her video on fucker-sexhold-social-sucking-network Facebook? is this why you drop comment on what she did(on that video)?
hmmn..whatever. maybe i'm the one that should be more realistic, that should reduce my ego, that have to tengok-diri-sendiri so that you can't say "awak pun pernah kan?". maybe i just simply, should not be jealous.
and maybe i should allow myself to understand you and force myself to really trust you. 

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