Friday, December 31, 2010

Last day in 2010 with family :)

kids planning bout where to hang, what's to do, talking bout upcoming concert, who to hang with, sponsor a cool party yadda yadda yadda.. well let me tell you how i celebrate my new year.
I'm celebrating it with my family!

at least i dont have to get into a fight with my boyfriend because he theorically worry bout my safety, and i dont have to spent all my today,yesterday,and the day after yesterday feeling guilty that i cheating on my parents. btw whatever, it's my style and i repect other's too. :)

This year is GREAT. from day to day, i started to love myself more and more. yeeee~ looking back, there's nothing that make me regret. all, too perfect and should i conclude, simple? yea, everything around me is simple but there's hardly a thing that make it look like a scar, i think. i have family that love me like i'm the oldest and the youngest, i have a boy that make me realize i dont have to be like others and give me new perspection of teen's life and make me feel im beautiful. thanks love! :))) i also have friends from dua alam. haha.. one, my old-and-still friends back when i was a plain high school girl. two, my new funky friends that really rock my other side of life. haha.. even i dont know what that suppose to mean. blahh. it's not important. the most important is that, i love me so much because of people that make me feel like i'm Ain Wahida. thanks you guys. thanks Allah. :))))

breath-taking tea farm

adik adik dan ibu ibu

i dont know why i pose like look cool,i think. -__-

This it, for the last day of 2010. :D

night all the people worldwide! time to sleep. and wake up in brighter sky next year! :D

*praying and hoping i wouldnt get any dream. :(

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