Friday, December 17, 2010

HAHA.. i dont know they keep this secret from meeeee!

Hafiz Harun practices belly dance (haha..bee, i dont know always did this!ohh..cakap orang pandai) :p
Emma Shaari has fake hair (i knew it already!she's spends hours just on her hair.duhh) -,-
Serra As wants to kill me (sometime, its hard to be famous and gorgeous.take me as an example) :p
Shahirah Jaafar has pimples in her back and like to sing Justin Bieber's song in toilet (err,really. well, it's okay, babe. i have some, too.HAHA.but,i didnt sang that kid's song,puhliss.HAHA) :*
Julidawatie Ismail just pissed in her pants (syg,its dont need to be malu with me.we have the SAME prob.uhuhh..kantoi) >,<
Aimie Mimie Jeffree has an imaginary boyfriend. (its perfectly normal.HELLO..) =,=
Faiz Mustafar is stucked in the toilet (well,somehow i hope this is for real.HAHA) :D

HAHA.. this is soooo funny. FB application told me these. dont be mad at me, ppl. sayang korang! muah muahh muahhhh gedik! haha

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