Monday, May 2, 2011

planned and unplanned (no.not surely.there's still hope)

im home! weee~ should be thrilled because examination weeks is finally over, shouldnt i. and my head loss its weight ten pounds. :D as if it ever gains weight. ==' so i assume i'll have more time to scribble on you, my flat chest diary. :D oh yea, poor you. your new hair not suit your complexion. hm think i should change your complexion. hmm..anyone suggest me a cool background pls. preferably white. btw since this is sem break, i'm planning a lots of stuffs. heree the table :D

Things to Do:
-buy a roller blades     (about RM250)
-get new hair     (about RM130)
-picnic with girlfriends     (about300)
-waterpark with another friends    (RM65)
-hangout    (RM10, not counted drinks)
-pet a rabbit    (RM55,or if farid can nego with the price.lalala)

Precisely 4 weeks

my bank account is not more then two digits. fuckkk


Okay, i dont want to fill the blank myself. because sure enough i'll said, forget all your plan. or simply, rest in peace. ahhh papa, give me some cash please. as a monthly allowance. and i'll pick that bastard little threetho everyday. what say you? :D *pleading look

hee btw this is our way home. perak-cameron-bentong-raub. but i only captured few. sebab ibu pening and kalau suruh jadi photographer banyak banyak, possibly the phone will be throw out the car. teeheee no, mom will never will that. papa might. :/

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