Wednesday, May 11, 2011

it is the way, (i'm mocking malay saloon)

actually we didn't plan to go for hair make over. we was planning to lari diri pergi kuantan for a movie. but blablabla macam macam hal, harapan pun macam dah samar samar salji di malaysia. this is how we finally decided to go heree.

currently my favorite saloon.. :D

it is really a place decorated for relaxing. :D

they even serve you Chinese tea :D
and now they had wifi coverage. so i can tweeting while getting my hair done

and yea, of course they will not make you die staring at yourself for hours.
they provide you stacks of latest magazines. :D but im reading the one i bring  from home.

to top, its offer you low price service! :D and yet, satisfying. very. :) and oh yea, i'm planning to buy the iron plate its currently promoting. seriously man, rm168. free shampoo, hair mask and serum. and i was like, whoaaaa.really that cheap a? :O


Khuzrin Kamarudin said...

ni orang lelaki boleh cuba tak? hahaha...

ain wauhidus said...

boleh bolehh :D ramai jugak customer lelaki.
layanan tetap sama, no joke.
awak boleh try cuci rambut dulu, meman best gilaa. siap urut belakang lagi(pollite)