Wednesday, May 4, 2011

dyed my hair! :D

hee macam over pulak title kan? =.= the fact is, i never dyed my hair before(colour sendiri and highlight didnt count). so i am over. =..= i send Cabby to workshop semalam (didnt mention after three workshop!), and sementara tunggu Cabby siap and memandangkan ibu bermurah hati bagi duit, kitaorang tiba tiba rasa (ceceh, tibatiba lah sangat) nak colour rambut. bum sugest me this one saloon. but its a malay saloon. and i really really dont thrust malay did hair. i've experiences. tell you everytime i step into malay saloon, disaster happened. but this time, i've no choice. the saloon is sooo melayu, seriously why melayu tak tiru cara cina open saloon. design lah matured sikit. oh so need an interior designer to convince the customer. i was worried my hair would turn out burok mak aih. and quietly pray that, the most shades i want my hair to appear is black. (T.T) so here this is---> light-brown-yang-actually-nampak-hitam-sahaja.

its the same old black, eventually. but its okay, im in UiTM

see see, dkt saloon ada congkak dgn saidina.BOLEH?-__-

haha okayyy. -_______-

 but heee im glad it doesnt appear any worst. but im looking forward to change my hair. this time, in my favorite hair saloon. :D and surely not malay. =..=

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