Monday, May 23, 2011


photographer: Roh Studio @
                     Apiq Sulaiman
                     Zulsyafizal Zul Mahtar
                     Paan Prockers
                     Daniel Risma
                     and few mores that are undefined yet
location: Lake Park

with easy-going, cool Vee ;)

tons of make up, no kid. btw thanks to Putri the make up artist. :D for making our faces kebal nak mati. ehee. but seriously her make up worked! make us look okay-er, atleast. ;) and also for accompany me when i was taktau macam mana nak bawak diri among those. hee.. always this shy shit inside me bila 1st meeting. :/ bum, also. you know how i was kan. :{ haha really. i think i shouldn't involve in this world. i only 'be-myself' with you je, bum. huu.. vee, yea yea that girl. i only knew her less than 8hours before begging (sort-of) her to join me for this shoot. but despite her beauty, she's also riuh gilewwww and senang nak buat kawan! :D it was a day, really. special thanks to apiq and all the photographers. i only upload the best faces of mine dekat sini. how pentingkan diri sendiri kan? (T.T) sokay, my blog. :p okay once again, PENTINGKAN DIRI SENDIRI. =.= 
eh btw seriously the editing and photography works go so fine. i don't exactly know how to judge, cause i don't know a thing bout photography, nevermind art. but i do see the differences. seriously the location tak lawa langsung pun(okay,takde seni-,- tapi, macam ni la cara nak gebang.learn this), but in the pics it look as if tempat tu memang lawa gilaa. and one thing, i wasn't really satisfied with my face (again.-,-someone need to remind me it's not all bout the face or not at all about my face!) captured in the camera, but they edited it to make it look seriously fresh and enhance the colours(isn't it what they want to focus on?heyyo i see the artistic in me :D). they are really good in this thing, itelyu. btw they make a good team. only i was too malu and ketinggalan and takde point untuk bercakap. =..= to top it all, i was lack of confidence. totally zero confidence. blame this on bum. :( haha kidding. but im having fun during it. yang ni tak tipu. :D

think should quit these
never talented. :{


Haiqal Afiq said...

tak ajak!

Anonymous said...

hey babe. I baru baca komen you in this entry.

Sorry for the late reply. It is a true story of mine. Apart of my life.

4umyfans said...

wahh! dah ada gaya artis ni. Bolehlah berlakon short film terbitan pelajar TeKA. yeayy!

serrabum said...

i think its a great shot dear... =) but i think you can do better than this..

ain wauhidus said...

haiqal: hohh mai la maii
dobot: i really love it. the way you wrote. and the story itself. you are inspiring me, a lot. think i should suggest this to btw have you try this portal? ;)
4umy: haha berlakon jadi pokok boleh lah kot. =.=
bum: you know me better. :[