Tuesday, March 8, 2011

is it on the way to crest down?

i'm handling for dinner's performance. so here's the wayfaring to the unsuccsesed plan, my friend told me she can get Wakaka or Monologue to perform for us at the dinner.so of course, i was soo excited to tell the whole world. i spread the news worldwidely and even worked out on the details and approval. it was like, omg.wakaka will be performing at our dinner.it's wakaka! :O everyone get excited and began(shall i say begin?) to talk about this. even some of the lecturers elated with this news. but however, my friend that managed this text me, telling wakaka is canceled. oh my god. i can't think on the bright side, althou i tried to coax her, i was pretending. i can't think of good reason and explanation to tell them, to tell the crowds(mind you, it's CROWDSS). can't think of how to face the people. it's a complete humiliation and failure. :'(
can't even think of correct sentence alignment or good vocab.fakk:(  

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