Tuesday, March 22, 2011

happy birthday papa! :D

haa how many person in my favorite-people list share the same zodiak(star, in english kan?)? :D oh wait, its not the appropriate sign. not haa. im not sighing(sumpah). im actually honestly glad(sumpah sumpah)! at least this is the only similarity between the man i love the most and the man love me the most (i dont know which title for which person, i just thought the words might sound cool.hee).
Today is papa's birthday, my god! i dont exactly know how many years this brilliant man had pass, with success. im afraid to know, actually. =,=' i dont want him to grow any older. i want to have him for the rest, my life, ibu's life, adik's life, my kids' life, and our entire family's life. i love him, but never really told him. he's not the romeo type, thou. he's the man you look for protection and inspiration and putting-work-on-the-very-last-minute habit. >.<

i love you papa, honestly. just here and that kita tak serasi kadang kadang. but its okay. that make us closer, i think. we can argue sometime, and the best part is you give me win. hehe.. but i love when you saw me growing older and more matured and could rely on me in business. i love when you believe in me handle the work at your office. i love when you asked me to replace you to do your daily report when you going abroad. i love you when you did your joke, althou sometime it sound loya buruk and so-me. i love when you care about my education. i love when you gave me your cheeks for me to kiss. i love you as much as i argued with you! :)) HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA! :D

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