Sunday, March 13, 2011

happy birthday sayang!

waa~ happy birthday my love! bee, awak dah tua kan? hehe.. okay takpe. sabar lagi. tak lama lagi dah boleh kahwin. >.< haha talk bout age, you said you were touched in this celebration. i do understand yang awak takut tanggungjawab and things. but growing older? haha.. bwekk. tthe fact, awak dah tua sekali. i'm still young 18. :p
i'm having so much fun with you today, sayang. thanks. and sorry sebab kacau awak tidur. ehee.. i love you i love you i love youuu! *am flashing back bout us. sorry i didnt make it special this year. i always wanted everything to be special and touched, especially when it comes to you. nasib awak sedapkan hati orang. saying, this is already make you happy. hee~ i love you. i can't think all anything right now, because i'm deeply in love with this birthday boy. <3

wish #1: be a good boy
wish #2: stay cute and manja. hee~
wish #3: you can buy your dream guitar
wish #4: you can learn to save money, so that we can shorten our waiting period.
wish #5: your family will accept us eh eh, it's about you. lupa pulak. -,- you study smarter not harder, cause i miss you when you were too busy doing assignment. (oh hate you, ASSignment)
wish #6: everything will be okay
wish #7: you will be blessed
wish #8: us will be blessed
wish #9: stay loyal to our love, not to forget every single things you said back when we were at high school, about the Allah thing, niat kita and semua. always be my spy, i love it when you used to be that. hee~ and do love me like it's our first day, every time you open your eyes. tell me i'm beautiful even if i'm not, because it's all my purpose of wanting to be beautiful--for you.
wish #10: i can be more creative, so that i can wish better wishes for this perfect human-being. :)

i don't know what to wish because everything bout you is already perfect. stay like this, okay? :))

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