Monday, March 21, 2011

"congrates aen!" from aunty ain ecehh :*

OMG this is the best news of the month, or maybe year! my longtime bestfriend, aenynna gave birth last two days! (aunty post this two days late, alana qisha.but its okay.aunty set your birthday on calendar.;) Ehee.. i was sooo happy for her, soooo soooooo happy. im too excited to say a thing. (oh okay this might be too over the top.-__-but its unfalse.i really am too excited) you can't never imagine how the one that talk about dumping boys, playing im-the-queen-that-man-want, singing 'im the only gay eskimo', and lip sync & dancing 'hot and cool' had already become a mama! gosh, this is such an migrate.

just a year ago! :'( we were so much interest in modeling. this 1 is after school-shoot.
Later, just a year fast forward >.<
a grown up married WOMAN

And now, a MOMMA! >.<  >.<

how i wish i could have the bless of being a mama like her. hahh.. this is a statement. :O no noo. i mean, im too grateful until in a split second i would pray i can built a family like her. i mean, everyone wished! >.<
can't wait to come home and visit the baby and the gorgeous mama! btw im not sitting here 5hours drive away doing nothing. im sort of planing a baby shower for these two beautiful creatures. :))
thanks for giving me an anak angkat. you're beautiful, no kidding. :*

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