Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Similar-but-Different girl's species (in Girl View)

Girl; when deal with this subject, we have our endless comments/answers/opinions. The comments/answers/opinions are in wide range. Wide enough like, sea (pepatah cinta melayu berkata). Generally, it is categorized into two main components (components kah?=.=).
That is, 1) Girls' view (female) 
            2) Boys' view (male)
note; 'half-half' di sini tidak dibincangkan
its either category 1) or 2)
 **tapi di sini saya bincangkan more According to Girls' view

I'm about to share with you my observation on
Girl's Type

These are the two similar-but-different 'species' of girls that do existed in this world. :) You are either cat or rabbit. Both are innocent, btw. ;)
continue reading, *i'm still doing my research upon writing this. :)

Situation #1
she is in a boutique with her just-met girlfriend. The girlfriend ask for her opinion on how the orange colour super tight dress look on her over-tanned complexion. 
Cat: Umm *think for a while sambil examine the view*  I rasa you should go black. Okay, so what if black is boring. It's the safest and sesuai dengan you. Plus, i think i have pair of orange heels to add the WOW. ;)
Rabbit: You sure nak dress ni? (if the friend says yes confidently, she would say) Um haa okay jugak. Cantik. *senyum jaga hati :)

Situation #2
she is in a cafe with her flocks gossiping about the new girl in their school. The topic is hot ala AzwanAli baru balik umrah. 
Cat: Haha aku dah agak dah. Kecoh kot. Baru kena kacau sikit, dah update dekat facebook bagai. Nak hot je.
Rabbit: Hehe yeke? Tak tahu pulak. Aku tak ikut sangat cerita cerita macam ni. Habis macam mana? Ada orang kutuk post dia tak?

Situation #3
she stop at the traffic light, driving alone. And a boy (cute boy.ahaa) riding sumptuous vehicle winking at her seductively.
Cat: Pretend she wasn't look at the boy. Check herself in the mirror/tukar channel radio, to keep herself look busy. So she wouldnt have show the boy her blushed cheeks. 
Rabbit: Professionally/self-confidencely/seductively straighten her body. Adjust her sunglasses. Glimpse at the boy only a little. And smile, also a little. (okay, bayangkan iklan AXE)

Situation #4
she is in a relationship. Somehow/however/what-so-ever(=.=) her loyalty being tested when a cute boy who is potentially attractive, working his ass out to win her. Like drama drama Korea. (i love this character.hee)
Cat: Keep her fan as secret. She doesnt want to create a scene nor make her boyfie jealous and feel insecure. It's no way she will love the fan thou. She has her Nate (as in, Nate Archibald.but the girl is not Blair or Serena,ITS ME.wohoo okay dreamer=.=).
Rabbit: Cheerfully tell the whole there-is-one-boy-in-my-collage-that-always-bump-into-me-and-say-hi-and-offer-lunch to the boyfie. One, is to prove that she's not keeping anything from him. Two, is to remind him,she capable to find another. Three, to see his jealous face.

Situation #5
she a good judger (as if, not all girls are, lah kan). One of her classmate is the anak-aku-ni-ha-baik-budaknya. The classmate wear tudung whenever near to her mother's circle, but take it off bila keluar dengan kawan.
Cat: Ish tak suka aku naa. Hang tak nak pakai, tak payah pakai terus la. Macam aku ni. Ni tak. Kejap bubuh, kejap pakai. (eh silap) Kejap bubuh, kejap tanggal pasaipa tak tau.
Rabbit: Yeke? Kesiankan dia? Kena control. Hm takpe la. Dekat sini boleh jugak dia merasa.

Sound familiar? Have been into the situation? Or have seeing some other girls (be it, your own friend or your male cousin's experience that he shared with you) go through this situation and put our critic on? Well, this is just a synonym, in case you didn't notice! Boys, some/most of us are same. You have to google/track/find the unique one yourself. If not, if all girls are different/unique in your eyes, then your girl (the one you been trying to detect which one is she Cat or Rabbit, while reading this) is no longer special and unique. Start appreciating your The Only. ;)
And yea, note to girls: Hehe i know. i write this based on my experiences and observations and etc etc. Its my honest observation, and does it make you realize something? ;) ;)

You dont hv to detect you are Cat or Rabbit
Follow what do you think is right, then you'll be unique ;)
I didnt really categorized it accordingly, thou
I jaggle the characteristic  randomly
so you will not have to know which one is you.

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