Saturday, October 29, 2011

Being the leader of the family

I used to wake up as early as 11.00am.
I used to find ibu the first thing every morning (okay,count it morning)
I used to straight away went lepak after my breakfast
I used to reject/ignore ibu's call when I'm out (not really reject, tak perasan ibu call.cliche)
I used to go home at any time that is acceptable
I used to confine myself in my room with the internet
I used to go out only when ibu get the dinner ready
I used to eat while chatted/argued stuffs with my family, and ibu and papa
I used to make ibu and papa yelled at us
I used to hear them lectured and make faces

I used, I when they are away, I fucking messed up. Fucking don't-have-a-life. I thought I do be fine. I thought we are all cool. I thought I didn't miss you these much. I thought I wouldn't freak out when Yamin cried. I thought I can handle the tasks at home. I thought our babysitter is cooler. Well God, my thoughts are obviously drifted. I miss ibu papa. I terrifyingly miss them! More sick, I'm worrying about them like 86323446834889secs per day (did I count it right?heck,I have no mood to Google).

always miss and pray for you guys,
Ain & adik adik :(
be back soon, please!