Monday, October 17, 2011

Cabell (Hair; in Catalan)

** edited on 21.10.2011
p/s: i just uploaded the second last picture on 21/10 

I know my last post is a bit cloak-and-sword. hewhew *(chuckle)Skype's smiley.
And i also notice i had posted crap in my last last last entry. Less about myself.
My diary/blog would possibly complaint, "Did my owner think she's doing talk show or what? Hm I'm gonna say Hi to next blog. Or maybe i should join Hamzah Ian's club." =.= Glad he didn't have voice, though.
So this post is about me. (okay ain, as if anybody would thrill to read this). Oh not exactly. It's about my hair! My HAIR, people! :D (anyone amused/thrilled/excited? no?=.=)

Pendek (rambut okay, RAMBUT) dan curl.

Straight, plus highlight macam rempit (Y)

Curl all the way! which i think make me look FAT

okay, this one undescribe-able. =.= bengkang bengkok kot
SURPRISE! jeheee this is just wig.never hv the confidence
This is the latest, kot. (style 90-an macam Hafiz)

So which one do you think look more okay on me? Or I should get back to my original hair, which i ditched since Standard 6. :)

Planning on restore my original hair
Go on regular treatment (to preserve)
 and maybe dyed.  


Amanda said...

yang last tulah cantik sikit. Hihi

ain wauhidus said...

yeke? okay will keep this! :)

RainJuJu said...

The last one is d best.

ain wauhidus said...

thanks for the opinion
will preserved ;)


aku tak baca... kenapa kau comel sangat ni ? LOL