Friday, October 14, 2011

Crappy ppy~

Wish all they asked in exam are like:

I can’t get to sleep without: saying goodnight to Hafiz
If I were a doll, the accessories packaged with me would be: a boy (a cute one). noww, who wanna buy me?! ;p
I have an irrational fear of: snake. even image or cartoon 
At my grandparents house I usually eat: ikan masak kicap. yumm! wan is the best cook. (okay, ibu pun) =.=
When I was born I weighed: should i ask my mum?
I am most opposed to: watak Indonesia yang extra extra baik. Urgh gimme a break. (-_-)
I like to stalk: girls with strong words and personalities, and style. 
I am too old to be: have Papa praise me
I find the thought of childbirth: is so innocent, beyond reality. 
Next door to my house is: a religious family, which is why Ibu so care if i jemur kain pakai spender je. =.=
My feet are: size 6.
My preferred style of jeans are: trouser. I think i look tall in them :D but never get a perfect one
I know how to cook: omelets? and RBTM cheese! :D Roti Bakar Telur Manis cheese. what im proud of. :D 
I am annoyed at: people that always portrait themselves as innocent. blah. its all at the outside.  
Men should always: able to spice conversation.
Women should never: copy others status/photo and claim it as theirs. Loser.
The scariest sea creature is: Piranha? They ate sexy chic, come on.
The world is over populated with: kids that want to be tumblr-like. (me included)
I recently broke: a glass, that i used to use it as case
I last cried because: nightmare. I super super super hate dream! 
I would like to be in an advertisement for: some skin care products. By the time i get the offer, its its mean, i'm dreaming. =_+
My favorite shoes are: red velvet flats, 3 inch wedges and maroon crocs. (wait, the crocs aren't mine.tapi tak kisah lah, i wear it all the time dah jadi as mine dah pun)
My mothers’ greatest fear is: losing us.
When I think of Full House: What Full House? The movie or restaurant? :O
I Say This You Say That: I am super-paranoid with something i'm so scared about. Don't even say the 'if'.
Whats your middle name? Ain. I think you should put this Q on top.
How big is your bed? Queen.
What are you listening to right now? Whirling sound of my old PC
What are the last 4 digits in your cellphone number? 0169991625 
What was the last thing you ate? Nasik Lemak, with kicap (first time able.the Nasik Lemak taste like carbon)
Last person you hugged? Yamin? Ke Hafiz?
What books are you reading? Pretty Little Liars (re-read). and Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles.
Piercings? Did it (four times!) and lose it. 
Favorite Movie? 500 days of summer. 
What were you doing before filling this out? Going to Mak Cik Mizan's house to choose my ring. Ibu buy it for me, sebab sale and murah gilew. =.= though i don't know how long i can keep it
Dogs or cats? Cats. <3
Have you ever loved someone? Yes. Deeply 
ARE YOU 18? Thanks for compliment me. But no. I'm 19. But well, you know, people keep saying that i look more like 16. xD
DID YOU GET ENOUGH SLEEP LAST NIGHT? Very much. This is why i woke up really unusual early this morning. 
WHAT DO YOU HAVE HANDY AT YOUR BEDSIDE? My wardrobe? No its not handy. Kena bangun jugak capai.



Wins said...

blogwalking...., sambil baca2 (tapi tetap 'gak faham English.., hohoho .. sedihnya...)

ain wauhidus said...

hi win :D
saya suka kok puisi kamu :)

Sanam said...

super lovely blog :)

Day By Diva
Day By Diva

ain wauhidus said...

thanks sanam :)