Saturday, July 16, 2011

mid sem break :D

start planning! :D dont want to waste a single day. hence, the first day after im reaching my home, we went to kuantan. just to buy neqi's bicycle. i dont understand why i agree to temankan dia. maybe because kesiankan ibu. or hoping ibu would drop me off to mall sementara neqi survey. somewhere in between. =.=
way back to temerloh is a new experience. kitaorang punya confident, tak beli ticket bullet train (ETS). sampai sampai, 'ticket ETS untuk hari ni sold out' sambil buat muka suku ikhlas dan tunjuk ke arah papan tanda yang ditulis besar bagak. but glad, we took normal train( (with bed! :D) and have to wait hours macam orang dungu dekat tempat lokasi pengambaran Power Rangers. *powered by my kid's by hel. =.= the train was a new experience. but the toilet was a nightmare. i went back to hometown with Hafiz. he sweetly picked me up at kl sentral. here come a new experience. the time is 12.00am (or pm.idk.i never learn this.okay what i want to say is,masa tu malam or am,taktau), with only rm10 plus minus kitaorang melilau shah alam cari atm. paling best, semua offline. urghh.. last last pinjam his friend's duit. sampai rumah pukul3 something and went to bed straight away after Hafiz cerita bedtime stories. quite a day. but it doesnt matter now that im home. :DD

fun ride with lovable people :)

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