Saturday, July 9, 2011

DAY 04 (oh.changed title) AKTIVITI KETATKAN RAHANG wtf

i think i should change my entry's tittle. it didnt sound really like a tittle. more to numbering, sebenarnya. macam countdown pulah. ppl will like, 'ha k minah ni nak tulis entry dia sampai berapa ratus lagi ni.bohsann~ =.=' before they even start to read my first word. 
hm should i change it to the Q/challenge/task (whatever the proper name is), of the #30dayschallenge? it might sound better than number. at least, you can read words, not plain digit that we knew since kindergarten. and um sorry blog, i didnt really going well with the challenge. i didnt hv time to update blog constantly. and delayed the task few day. oh shit, the task on day 04 is,  A habit that you wish you didn’t have

mumbling 'a' ketatkan rahang dan buat bunyi 'a' panjang panjang. (okay susah nak bayangkan, saya tau) bila tengah syok buat kerja especially when writing. it came out without realizing. :(

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