Monday, July 4, 2011

DAY 02

hi. :D (macam tak bersalah kan?mana your so-call #30dayschallenge huh? =.=) eherm actually, i just want to reinforced my previous list, #06. (okay, covering yourself,i can see that) im just back from my uncle and kak aiza's lovely engagement party where you can meet jodoh. =.= um i wish to include the pictures. just too bad, my phones are helpless. have to borrow my roommate's samsung. all my contacts gone. and i hv no idea macam mana nak off prediction. but somehow, i find it cool and easier to  use prediction. :D and yeaaa, i spend the best weekends with my love. we got to spend a lot times together. and even went to my family's kenduri bersama. :D lagi satu, ibu bought me marc jacobs bags from her visit at bandung, and some stuffs. :D okay sound like a summary. nobody care, btw. =.=

Okay. my 30 Days Challenge! :D

Day 02- The meaning behind your Blog name

um to be liveless and honest, i have no idea of what a good and cool blog name is. so i just simply picked the one that sound 'me'. after changing names for a couple of times, i finally come out with 'a dreamer, i shall call.'  It is the one that most mirror me. i love to dream. everybody does, comm'on. we dreamt about our ideal of romantic date, about being beautiful, about marrying the goddamn sinfully hot hunky, about being chased by the sexiest boy in school, about having the life of paris hilton, yadda yadda yadda. the list goes on forever. but as for me, i love to interprete my dream into words.  

owning the sexiest boy in school :)))
i love you, chicken little.

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