Monday, April 25, 2011

it's been a busy week of a Dean. :/

puff pufff. i just have a chance to update my diary, today. T.T  it's that im too 'study-oriented', it's mainly because  haihh blogger,she seems malu malu taknak bagi i update entry. loading like forever. i just able to type the tittle, all this while. now, baru dapat tulis. hee~
it's examination weeks, and it's a week of stressful for everybody except me. -___- literally because i know i cant do anything to help myself, and just sitting on the suddenly-feel-big-and-uncomfortable chair, lingering to see all the deans busy scrabbling words. haihh.. im so helpless. too relax, as claimed by aza. wish i can atleast pass every subjects. i really don't like RP class. and i reallyyy dislike the idea of staying here for one more sem. doakan saya. saya insan lemah. cecehh. :D

eh btw, ni la sebab saya busy study week hari tu. hee~

hate my hair.i wasn't prepare anything for this shoot. T.T

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