Sunday, April 3, 2011

Night of Million Colours

IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING! :D after all what we have worked for, after nights of meeting, after what we have argued, after the hi-hey-and-hoi, after all the misunderstood and stress, and after the complexion darken three tones, we finally did our first task as QS student. is it too pathetic that i get all excited? okay whatever. i AM excited. i was sweating all days.
am to pm, rush by to complete all the works. (oh yea, i as AJK performance,cecehh) siapkan stage, entrance berjemur tengah panas, handle budak perform. oh k k, no complain here. stop talking bout behind the screen.
it was real forworn. penat gila. dah la dengan pakai 4 inch heels, berlari sana sini(behind stage je pun) terkejar kejar handle performancee. it was my first time handling something big. honestly, i was eerie. takut silap lah, tak jumpa budak perform lah, takut tak sempat angkat barang yang remain on stage lah, haa add one more to the list--takut dengan lecturers sebab what i wore (probably this is main reason, i tak keluar dari behind stage that night). but it all ended up successfully(atleast, my part). i dont know what did the audiences think, or if they really enjoy. but what i know is, i really should thank to the performancee. they did their best.

arghhh apa jadi dengan saya ni!damn, look at my previous previous posts,
gila suck and semakin pundek pendek.update pulak lambat lambat.
sial betul.harap sebab busy dengan dinner ni. and masa mendatang 
akan cuba post dengan lebih jujur.kerana post kali ni pun
tak jujur langsung. 

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