Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I close my eyes. To shut all the images and colours. To gone black. Pause thinking, isn't black is also a colour. I closed my eyes even closer. Forcing it to disappear. But, forcing what? It is something in me, urge me to investigate the what. But a part of me, not so far apart, scare if I discover it, how will I feel.

Is it, really, feel nothing.

Or, is it, the end of the world.

But I always have this dream, where I was on the edge of a mountain. Wind brushing my face, ever so gently. I felt the birds greeting me, knowing my existence, singing to my heart. I heard the colours of the world, I see the satisfaction of life, with my eyes closed.

And..yes, I was on the edge of everything.

Dream a little dream,

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