Tuesday, September 18, 2012

An honest journey of Lips & Wings (JV of two diff passion)

It's been how many month since I last blogged? (I know nobody care to remember nor calculate, so let's turn  it into a statement, not a Q). I hate to list down the reasons why I didn't blog like I used to. (No, its not because no one reads my blog). Not that I blog to impress people. *eh did I just said it loud what I said in my bracket heart? k nvm.*
   I blog because I want to keep what I wrote typed in Microsoft Word into something I would at least (once in every 6 months) care to read back. I would love to write more, but the thing about now is, I don't really have much time. Okay, no. Cut it off. I  have time, but I just used that time to do something else. Something I have pour my passion to. Which is, my Lips & Wings.
   So I think, in order to keep myself blog back, I decided that I should write an honest journey of Lips & Wings (so I would have a plotted diary, when my Lips & Wings going fame. Lol, big dream). It's like combine my two passions into one. Genius? I know!

Trial to a faithfuls blog,

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