Monday, May 14, 2012

Turning my life into novel. An attempt

I KNOW! I got this one good idea of how to start writing back! Since my inability to dream and come out with  ideas and topics have been a part of me lately, I have abandoned this blog for quite a long time. Well, its not all about blogging, its about the ability to write back. I love writing, I love words, but now, my fantasy seems to blur with reality. Or is it because reality has been so much better than fantasy this lately?
Maybe yea.
So this is why I decide, to turn my life into novel. Maybe this could be a track to run, or a stage to rehears, or an exercise book to scrabble the ideas.
Here we go! Me as the main character, and people around me as the important-roles-that-effect-the-main-character-which-is-a-main-character-themselves!

Practice honesty in words,

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