Monday, May 14, 2012


Helpless. My hands were on this keyboard since past hour, trying to form sentence but nothing came out. My brain stopped functioning. All the ideas seem too lame, all the words seem so kindergarten. I try to think what's good to dream of, but its like almost everything in this world is not worth fighting and dreaming of. Failed.
I wrapped my hands around the mug, feeling the warmness of the coffee. So ironic to the cold fresh morning. The sky was clear, it wasn't at all distracted by anything. So discord with my messed up mind. I think its the effect of last night hang over. I still not over it. Not yet. Or never will. Truth is, I really don't think I can write anymore. My head was fogging with heavy smoke. The brain inside my head was spinning and numb at the same time. Torned between the desperation to achieve something and the inability to achieve anything. 

From my Facebook's note,
Oin Wauhidus

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