Wednesday, January 4, 2012

To the future! To the sky!

Sorry, I have been neglecting this little diary of mine lately! I just have too much faint in Corbeille D'or, the boutique me and partner just started. And er I am hoping no one read my previous entry. Um Um I er, I, hm okay. I failed. I failed to write. Ha let's get back here! (lari topic.don't read the stroked through sentences). So we are going for Rasta Fashion Bazaar this Saturday!! It's my 2nd bazaar! Corbeille D'or 2nd bazaar! Wish for our success?! I'm seriously can't wait. And the promotion is getting better! Thanks people for the help! I was sooooo excited! that I almost yell at every sentence! Heeeeeee

see you this Saturday!
Rasta TTDI,

Am now yelling and dancing and dreaming,
Corbeille D'or founder

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