Saturday, January 28, 2012

Forever On Hold

How far can a mistake float you away? Simple thinking which seems perfect, but end up in something ugly that make us afraid to take a glimpse at it ever again.

One boy. One cute Mat Salleh look-alike boy with perfect smile, fullest eyes, big hands, robust chest and most irresistibly; sweet talk. One girl. One innocent girl with strong stance who just have nothing but her personality.

Have you ever been told to care less? Do what you like? Dance in the middle of the road? Kissing at the Pasar Malam? Just, be yourself. Be what yourself dreamt. Don't bother people, whoever.

Love seems so beautiful as pictured by Shakespeare. No, love is beautiful. Lust is a cheap dress that drown out colours and ruins all the fabrics that cumulated around it. Lust is magnificent and painful at the same time. Only true love can filter these two mixtures.

"I didn't memorize the lyrics, miss." Complaint a cute boy in an unusual outfit for a dinner party-- Baju Melayu. Seemed so lost in the hectic night.

"Ha? You what? You guys are next, right? Oh please please make some sense! We just have few more minutes!" Appealed the girl in charge for the performance that night. Began to panic with her 'surveillance'. Having to handle a big events by herself for the first time wasn't easy.

"Do you have pen?" The boy gave his innocent look. Irresistible and can't-be-yelled-of expression. Put the girl panic in hold for a while.

"Can you give me your autograph?" 

"What?" This is what this boy want a pen for? My autograph? Murmured the girl silently. So she thought the boy want to write the song lyrics he was about to sing. Without much question, the busy girl spend some of her time to sign the boy's notebook. She didn't realize she was smiling upon signing the autograph. Something unexplainable tickled her stomach, make her heart felt warm and cool at the same time.

"And, please also write your name, Facebook name, and phone number." Whispered the boy with his innocent face that he master of.

Flirt is basically an activity that will not leave effect on anyone, unless the characters involved are some kind of magic. The relationship between these two different gender wasn't stop there, that night.

The girl didn't leave her phone number because she was genuinely thought, a boy should find any possible way to get what he want if he really desired.

Short text from the boy welcomed a new relationship of these two people. New relationship that was fun, care-free, cool, romantic and blind.

They were so happy in their own world. From watching Titanic in Laptop at the parking lot, to warm and tight hug on the bed. They matched the car plate number to their resemblance, kidnap each other from the busy and pressuring life, sweet escape to somewhere only they know, sleep in the car when they had no money to rent a room.

Close and intimate wasn't a symbol of love. This is what the girl didn't understand.

So they were really close, spend each night share laughter together, but the boy never say those three words. Always avoid the topic. Leave everything hanging.










As close as they seemed, as confuse as the girl concern,