Friday, November 4, 2011

No Malay? No Chinese? No Indian?

this entry was mean to post thousands year ago, tapi Hafiz asyik lupa nak bagi. so, blame him! hee

This is what I love about being a Malaysian. Aside from boleh makan ais krim pop/malaysia, I love the 1 Malaysia value in us. Disregard the difference of surname (surname?) and skin colour, we are one family. :D

I have a strong sense of nationalism in me. Its invite a feeling whenever I saw Chinese boys and Malay boys walk together to school. I hate when someone being so racist. I'm not. Why should I? Cuba bayangkan kalau negara kita takda Cina, siapa nak buat rambut kita? Kalau takda India, siapa nak trim kening kita? Kalau takda Melayu, orang putih nak makan Nasi Lemak mana? Kalau takda Mamak, kedai siapa kita nak lepak pukul 2 pagi? Kalau takda Orang Asli, siapa jual bakul tepi jalan KL-Pahang tu? Kalau takda Indon, siapa nak jadi bibik/contractor kita? Eh tak tak, yang last tu tak masuk. Hee.. There are certain values I look for at each race. And I have to said, I admire some values in some races. We all have what we mastered of.
Other countries, please be jealous! 

Btw, ni bukan point saya. Saja je bebel atas tadi. Heeeeee..
I had a lot fun and experiences wearing Saree and beraya (or what you call it?) this Deepavali! :D Let me shared with you what I learnt!

Okay, this is how they wear Saree.

LOL I joked. I failed. Priya and her mum's helped me. Sepuluh kali berhenti tengah jalan,
betulkan Saree.

At Priya's! <3

Hafiz, Priya, and kaki gossip. She's one of my closest friend during Form5
and still. The one that teach me about 'future-plan and strategy' :p


beras pulut (not sure beras pulut ke beras apa, tapi  beras la)

studied at Chinese school for 6 years
no racist.


RainJuJu said...

Thank god ibu n papa sent you to a chinese school....

ain wahida said...

haha auntie lyn? :D
yes, relieved that i already learnt this value

erawr said...

omg saree! u look sooo beautiful. :D jelousnya, i wanted to wear saree since like, forever. :) and yeah, i hate racism juga.

ain wahida said...

haha thanks
it's really beautiful! but a bit diff to wear, as for a learner like me.
i never respect racism.