Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How Confidence Has Changed My Life

Perfume? Huhh how cliche does it sound, Hanis. Come on, how can a girl be confidence with just few spray of perfumes? I used to own this mind. You know, how can people gain as much confidence. I'm so envy, seriously. T.T

Some girls, can just head out without any facial brand on their faces. Some girls, can just wear anything but still have people admired. Some girls, can just be everyone's favourite without doing anything! Damn, seriously how did they make it? Cologen? Botox? Mandi Bunga? >.< (I sound evil, didn't I?)

Like this girl! Someone please arrest her!
*peace sign to HZ :p

As for me, I spend a lot on make up and cloths. Just to make sure I'm in the appropriate sense of fashion (okay, that's bragging), Just to make sure people didn't look at their shoes when I'm trying to make conversation. You know, I was too wary about what people might say about me. I checked myself every five minutes. Super concious for what I'm wearing. Protected my tagged photo on Facebook. Aware of who I walked with etc etc. I hated walk into public without the appropriate figure. For me, it put a bad impression.

However, I have said Goodbye to those days. I'm glad my confidence level has stayed above it's stable line. :D

How did I gain my confidence?
Fair complexion? No
Well-treat hair? No
Perfect make-up? No
Branded clothes? No

Then What?
How you present yourself. ;) 
I was a girl that afraid to held my head high. Walked in the room with head faced the earth, bend my arms, hid my chest and unwilling to make eyes contact. But a friend teaches me,
"It's how you present yourself, that matter. If you have the charm, I mean, know well how to bring yourself in a crowd, you can be the spotlight. It's what we called, Instant Spotlight! Or kecantikan abadi."

True. I learnt confidence that way. I changed my perception, told myself to appreciate what I have instead of chasing what I want, and changed the way I portrait myself. Oh no, I didn't portrait myself to be who I wanted to be. I just, being me. :) That's cool, you know. Being yourself is cool, and effortless.

Pavilion? No. Trash-hunting! :D Earlier today. But it's cool thou!

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