Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fashion Bazaar!

Whoa that's huge, doesn't it? Almost like my dream come true! It's what I have been dreaming of. And what's written on my future-plan schedule. Big road to step! (by walking or driving?) I choose running. Cause I'm an unicorn!

Me and partner cooperate in opening an online&offline boutique, CORBEILLE D'OR! Translated: Golden Trash. So for the first step, we joined a fashion bazaar. I repeat, a fashion bazaar. At the coolest place in Penchala Link, RASTA! Hehe no, the coolest place among teenagers. This, was a good experience. I gave full commitment and all my passion to Corbeille D'or. This is my future. My dream. Support me? :))


Hafiz showed up to give me some support. Auww that's sweet, boo. 

In dream,
for future

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HEI LYRA! said...

halo, ain wahida..
we'd love to invite you to visit & shopping our home at have a great blog-walking then! :)
anw, goodluck with your CORBEILLE D'OR. fightingg!! ^^

much love,