Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Morning air in the big city

The morning air make me a little hopeless, spiritless. Same routine for almost three weeks. Wake up, shower, get ready, one 'goodmorning' tweet, office, home, shower, dinner, and then sleep. These had being replayed for quite a number of times for these few weeks. No excitement in tomorrow.
   I punched the elevator's button and waited until the door open. My floor is the 3rd highest floor, so the elevator's car was still empty. The atmosphere in the elevator was never pleasant, the silent of strangers make me wanna scream. The trying-hard-not-to-stare's attempt is making me suffocated.
  I has just being in this big city for three weeks, but I feel like my life is already being stroked. I feel so lifeless. Like someone has just pictured me wrong image, and once I realized, regret take over everything.

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