Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Channel a bit of this blog to Tumblr

Hi obsolete blog! Sorry I have abandoned you. I'm not gonna create excuses. Yes, you can blame me for not even popping here to say hi for these 3 weeks! Truth is, I don't know if I can ever write well. I even promised you to attach some pictures of all the forlorn moment of you, but I never keep myself embraced with my words. I tried to manage few posts, but its all look suck. Real suck. Even the coordination of pictures are not accordingly.
But, I figured out some place that I could use to tag the photos. I have channel some of the photos to http://ainianwahida.tumblr.com/! Yayyy! See, I'm not totally a trickster of my own words!
In case you wonder if I'm gonna use Tumblr as my primary blog, NO. I'M STILL LOVE HERE.
I WILL STILL GONNA STICK HERE. But as for now, I might gonna need Tumblr help to keep all photos on track.



miss kinah said...

tumblr lagi kot sebab simple but have deep meaning..:D

miss kinah said...

i mean lagi best.hehe

ain wahida said...

Haha yeah
but still love blogger thou
have problem with giving picture meaning. :(