Friday, September 16, 2011

19yr'o: Day #1

heee so much of counting days, and memories. im growing older! yeeeebbaaaaaa! :DD (okay, this year memang boleh happy lagi. tunggu next year, dah hilang -teen) :(
there are so much wishes to be made, but yet i haven't find one yang possible and berguna. (assuming nak kulit putih berseri tu impossible) =.= so this year celebration might differ from yesteryear. (i was celebrating w my friends last year--creating perfect theme,turning up the stereo volume,doing the preparation w closest friends,seeing my girlfriends hooked up w my other friends etc). so much of  'the-most-(fill in the blank)-in-town dream'. now that im growing older and maturer (ecehh), im begin to appreciate family value. :)
first half of yesterday, i spent my time upsetting about "tak suka hari ni.orang yang ain sayang,semua tak ingat birthday ain >.<". hafiz totally ignored the date. didnt even wished me. my closest friends pun tunggu saya call, baru wish. okay takpe la, kawan. *sedapkan hati. (noted; di sini friends dekat facebook tak dikira). ibu was real nice, suruh saya balik awal sebab nak ajak makan makan dekat kedai. but that time, i was thinking kitaorang gonna hv dinner w just our family kecik. tau tau all my keturunan datang. :D INCLUDING HAFIZ! :D
thanks ibu, thanks! :') always plan the best for my birthday. dari kecik lagi. thanksss :))))

afraid of -ty. pls come slowly 2012:(

this year punya tak dapat pokchick's camera

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