Monday, August 8, 2011


look at my last post. (oh last two posts, i mean) . clearly i have no time to even click on google chrome. rarely online. even twitter. which making ppl think im a techo-back girl (a term i create), no blackberry. oh yea, gapo said broadband pun BB. so yea, depends. me? lappy pun takdak :( sekarang dalam class Building Services II, keeping a straight face trying to pretend im listening to Mr. Experience ala Sabri Yunus.

ordinary students with more than half of their brain trafficked with facts and knowlegdes, or my coursemates' cases; digit, would announced this week as Study's Curfew. but extraordinary student like meee, eherm, still have time keluar melepak mesra tomyam dua kali sehari even this is Ramadhan. =.=

counted today, is my sixth nights tidur pukul5 pagi. bangun pukul8. tertinggal class sekali. tertinggal bus sekali. terbangun lambat dua kali (satu; tertinggal class.satu lagi;tertinggal bus) terlepas termalas sahur sekali. terbuka puasa sekali. okay tepuk tangann bangga =___________=

am tired but having fun
bila nak insaf :(

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