Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Women and World War II

amacam? teruja tak nak baca? heh hehh it's in my list of research topic. -.- we are assigned to write on academy writing for our term paper. and i hv to go through all the discovery web pages and gigantic books that i still feel the weight.

here's my list:
Wearing 'Camel-Hump' Hijab, is it prohibited?
Women and World War II
The Truth about Tea
Promiscuity among Homosexual
Free Condom to All University Students
Scandal between Justin and Maya Karin
Similarity of Obama and Osama
...... and the list continue -..-

haven't decide on which on to write :/


Redbloodsnow said...

haaa buat researdh bebaik² ea..hehe

ain wauhidus said...

hv to change topic, again. =.=
dah tak semangat dah. :(